Video: Essentialism in Copywriting

Go on, take a look around my somewhat unusual office environment…

And a few words about the easy way to get effective in copywriting… without having to come up with *perfection*…

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Juho Tunkelo

Long time marketing strategist, superstar skills in copywriting and conversion optimization. Ring me up on Skype or send me a free-form email and I’ll lend you a keen ear.

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Pirjo Korhonen - 11 months ago

Nice office,Juho! Visiting your office now and then. BR, Pirjo

Juho Tunkelo - 11 months ago

Great! Come say hi the next time you do 🙂

Julia - 11 months ago

Nice digs Juho! And nice video! Actually, I want to know a couple of things you probably didn’t expect. #1 – What video editing software you use! 🙂 AND… 2) I’m super curious about your coffee! Juhla Mokka is one of my favorite coffees from around the world. However, until recently, it hasn’t been easy to get in the US. And even now, with the wonders of, it’s quite expensive. I’ve never seen coffee pods like what you used? I’m so curious!

Juho Tunkelo - 11 months ago

Hi Julia, great questions! 🙂 I’m currently using Screenflow for Mac as my editing software. I know, not as versatile as Final Cut or others, but does the job well enough for most of my purposes.

As for the coffee.. 🙂 this one’s a giant Nespresso machine that uses those pods. Juhla Mokka isn’t perhaps considered as prestigious in Finland, but nothing wrong with it either.. Paulig just opened a very high end cafe in downtown Helsinki, they’re certainly trying…

Ali Imran - 10 months ago

Hi Juho,

It would have been better if there was a script of what you had told in the video. I have been trying to watch it but it isnt loading, got some problem with youtube I guess.

Anyways, I will watch it later.

Thank you.

Juho Tunkelo - 10 months ago

Sounds like a problem with Flash player possibly. Try resetting the browser or using another one…

Also, you can turn on automated subtitles in the YouTube player if it’s difficult to follow


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