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Persuasive Copywriting Live (Workshop Recording)

This is a FULL, uncut recording never made available before.

A workshop held at a Private Island event in 2018, for a select audience.

Major Insights You’ll Discover In This Recording:

How to Appeal to the REAL Reasons Why People Buy – The Way They WANT to be Persuaded
Linguistic Tricks to Covertly Persuade People to Buy From You
Advanced Ways to Break Your Customer’s Resistance And Awaken the Buyer Within

Press play to watch a short teaser clip:

Some of the meaty topics covered:

Why Direct Response Copy Beats Branding and Content Marketing?

    • The Seven Dwarfs of Copywriting (The Almost Indiscernible Mistaken Identities of Misaligned Copy)

The Persuasion in Print Formula

    The Mouth of Funnel Formula (In Action)

Discover the Seven Dwarfs of Copywriting… You Won’t Want to Come Across These Guys in a Dark Alley!

    • Live Copy Critiques & Discussion (Very Revealing, On Attendees’ Own Businesses)

The Persuasive Copy Checklist

    • Why the Need for Persuasion?

How the Buyer’s Mind Looks Like… Exactly!

    The Three Super Frames & How to Win Them

26 Reasons Why People Buy

    • How to Appeal to All Six Senses In Copy

How to Create ‘Magic Moments’ in Copy… From Scratch!

    • How to Embed Powerful Commands (And Have People Do What You Ask)

Using Linguistic Binds

    Using Metaphors The Right Way For Sales

Three Point Copywriting

    • The Simplicity Formula

Persuasive Flow and Rhythm

    • Cold Outreach Copy: Getting to Anyone In The World (Literally)

Proven Sales Letter Flow

…and much, MUCH more!

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