You know what?

You’ve heard about all the great marketing events in the U.S. right?

There’s MFA Live, the Halbert memorial event, Traffic & Conversion every year… on and on it goes.

But WHERE are the European high class events for people serious about their growth?

Well that’s what me and some of my business partners are looking to change very, VERY soon…

And the first sign of that is the ‘Four Horsemen of Persuasion’ (working name) event.

Coming up in Stockholm, Sweden on 22-24 February, 2019.

Here, take a gander at the video I recorded for you about it:

We’re going to open up the books for early bird registrations.

So if you already know you’ll want to be there, just comment below and we’ll put your name down.

Also if you’re interested in VIP treatment and access… first come, first served is how it works. 🙂

Talk soon!

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