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The Best Marketing Book Ever – For Free!

It’s funny how these things go sometimes…

There I was thinking of a couple of clients of mine, to whom I’d tried to sort of… ‘get through’ about what’s important in marketing.

My eyes fell on the book I always pick up when I start a new marketing venture – Mark Joyner’s The Irresistible Offer.

I always begin and end by evaluating the offer I’m making, because it’s the single most important conversion factor

(I remember some unlucky guy once asking Gary Halbert what to test in a web page: the colors, the fonts, or the graphics… Gary kept his head cool – just barely – and bellowed: NO! You test the OFFER!) 🙂

So anyway, coming back to the story…

I immediately thought what I need to do is go out and buy copies of the book and physically mail it to those guys – that would be enough marketing revelation to last them a good while.

But something held me back for about an hour before I could go and do it…

And then the email came in.

Mark Joyner was offering The Irresistible Offer for FREE as an ebook – in exchange for signing up for a free Simpleology account (if you don’t already have one).

Call it synchronicity, or whatever… this is extremely cool. A book no marketer should go without – and now there’s no excuse either!

So go and get yours right away: https://www.simpleology.com/training/tio/

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