CarCast – Hitting The Sweet Spot!

There’s this concept in tennis I’ve found very useful in business, as well.

In fact, if you’ve been with me a long time you may remember I once wrote a report called the Sweet Spot Report. 😉

Incidentally, it also carried some of the best copy I wrote in… 2008, I think.

How about this for a curiosity headline:

A copy lesson here: imply a method exists to make your prospect’s life so much easier… (it has to be true too, of course)

In short, it means when you hit the sweet spot in anything… things happen effortlessly, with much less exertion, with more power, cooperation, and of course results.

So now that the tennis season is in high gear, I thought to revisit the concept for your benefit… so Press Play, will ya?


So there ya go, a little tennis freak wisdom mixed with business.

Ya dig? 😉