“Discover these almost obvious but hidden
Psychological Keys and Triggers turning
everyday people into
rabid, chronic buyers
as we speak…”


Juho Tunkelo speaks on these exciting topics (and many more)
at events, online events, webinars, podcasts and more:


Irresistible Copywriting That Generates Repeat Sales And Loyalty

The coveted core skill of every world class expert, entrepreneur and even artist… is how to present what you have in a way that it sells, day in and day out. Juho shows exactly how YOU can do this… using strategies proven in real life scenarios, in countless different markets (yes, even yours).

Effective Marketing Psychology for Entrepreneurs, Coaches and More

Persuasion is THE core marketing skill of getting inside your audience’s head, pulling the strings you need to get them on your side and to buy. On the spot, not some random day in the future. Yes, it can be done and you can learn the precise process to do it in your own business, too.

Super Profitable Product Description Formulas for E-Commerce

People buy based on product descriptions. And yet they are the most neglected part of e-commerce. Learn how Juho generates product descriptions that routinely outsell generic product pages by a minimum of 50%… and as much as 1000%! (Proven in countless A/B tests)

Super Profitable Email Marketing Strategies

Even today, there’s NOTHING that gets better response than email. You just have to do it RIGHT… Juho will showcase a number of proven strategies and campaign models to actually get people to open your emails, read them and act on whatever – anything – you’re asking them to do…

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