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Catch me if you can… where I flock the most… on these choice social networking sites:

Juho on Twitter – daily updates on what I’m up to today. Feel free to hit me up there, I’ll most likely take note.

Juho on Instagram – a miscellaneous mix of urban exploration pics taken with my iPhone, and high end photos using my Canon 70D.

Juho on Snapchat – so yeah, daily stories when I have the itch to share… add me: juffet (I know, strange ID but I started using it for private use only and now I’m stuck with it..)

Juho on Facebook – interacting with friends and, well… everything really

Juho on YouTube – various clips on marketing, personal and just plain fun. Occasional vlogging, too.

Juho on LinkedIn – my professional profile and networking (enforcing a strict no-a-hole policy). If you’re ‘in the biz’, feel free to connect.

Juho on SoundCloud – occasional podcasts and other soundbites, mostly professional stuff.

Juho on Flickr – mixing high-quality personal and professional photos and short clips, too.

Juho on Pinterest – it’s a business account but housing all kinds of cool and exhilarating stuff…

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