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All Copy Does NOT Need to Be Turbo Charged

Some “fresh” (a.k.a. newbie) copywriters seem to think “business opportunity” copy is the ONLY kind there is… Possibly because it’s the only kind they’ve seen, and it’s where they model from (sadly, it’s also where they get their misunderstandings from). And there IS a definite charm to biz opp copy, no doubt about it. It […]

I double dare you...

Sneak Preview: The Can’t-Miss Sales Persuasion Event In Europe!

You know what? You’ve heard about all the great marketing events in the U.S. right? There’s MFA Live, the Halbert memorial event, Traffic & Conversion every year… on and on it goes. But WHERE are the European high class events for people serious about their growth? Well that’s what me and some of my business […]

I double dare you...
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