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What Really Sells During A Recession?

Okay sure, let’s rip off the bandaid and call it for what it is.

Downturn, slowdown, whatever… a recession is about to set in by all indications.

But does that mean you’ll need to just shut off and just wait it out?

No sir, fortunes are made during tough times too.

For instance:

* Freelancing advice and opportunities as layoffs happen.

* Home cooking recipes as people eat out less.

* Party guides as people go out to party less.

…and so on.

But more specifically, if you’re looking to capitalise on the (in)coming recession instead of waiting it out…

I got some recommendations for you:

What Generally Sells In A Recession:

* Tools for business growth
* Job search solutions
* Stress relief tools and methods
* Quick fixes for anything
* Tools for finding meaning in life
* Ways to keep your money safe
* Ways to keep your family safe
* Ways to prepare your body
* Mental health solutions

What Sells In E-commerce Despite a Recession:

* Baby products
* Food and drink
* Home renovation and repair
* Candy
* Coffee and tea
* Pet care products
* Home entertainment (movies, games, etc.)
* Sports and fitness products
* Cosmetics
* Health supplements

What Information Products Sell Well In A Recession?

* Financial education (think Rich Dad)
* Entrepreneurship and lifestyle design (think 4 Hour Work Week)
* Survivalist and ’prepper’ information
* Investment advice with specific proof & authority
* Online marketing courses
* ’How to sell more with less’ type of advice
* Freelancing guides
* Business-in-a-box
* Home cooking recipes
* Marriage/relationship salvage guides

So… doesn’t look so terrible after all, does it?

Go pick a niche and let’er rip!

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Comments to: What Really Sells During A Recession?
  • December 14, 2023

    It\’s all the things that sells should have been considered before the recession. But people start to think about when it is recession and too late

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