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Why I love Direct Response Marketing (and why you should too)

Like it or not it’s human nature

To want response

When you talk to your significant other, you want response. Or it’s not really going anywhere is it 🙂

When you put out a piece of content you want to see that response

The sooner the better, the bigger the better

That’s why social media got so big so fast

You get the response instantly, authentic or not

But somehow when we’re in business it’s better to put up a front, play hard to get and just wait it out?

It doesn’t work like that at all, in life or in business

That’s why direct response never gets old

And that’s why I haven’t stopped working and getting paid since I truly ‘got it’

There’s always something you can get a response on

and if you’re truly able to relate to your audience

Even that first response CAN be a purchase

I don’t care what your resident guru or boss may say. They all have something to sell, don’t they.

I only want you to ‘get it’ also so you can do it yourself.

Because once you see instant response, stacking response, landslide response…

You won’t want to look back.

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