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All Leads Are Not Created Equal (Or Free)

All leads are not created equal.

#3 – Leads who opted in for passing self-interest or due to intrigue; typically exclusive content.

#2 – Leads who already spent some time with you – on a call, a webinar, consumed some deep content.

#1 – Leads who already bought something from you.

If you put most of your effort into #3 type of leads just because they’re easier or the least expensive to acquire, you could be in for a susprise.

Because they already got what they’re looking for. The quick fix.

So does this mean you should focus on getting buyer leads only, buying lists and whatnot?

Yeah, it kinda does if you want the most bang for your buck.

UNLESS you figure out a way to hook them with your INTRIGUE CONTENT right as they come in, thinking they’re going to be just in-and-out.

IF you’re able to hook them at that point with content that has such promise and creates unrelenting intrigue they can’t help but get moved into bucket #2 or even #1…

Well then you’ve got the best of both worlds, don’t you.

What’s this magical lead magnet that produces such extraordinary effects?

It’s called a BOOK.

But not just any book.

It has to deliver such instant promise, such FOMO, such a don’t-look-away effect… they’re instantly converted.

If you can do that, that would be pretty awesome wouldn’t it.

During the, ahem, early 2020s when everyone was losing heads, a precious few used just this tactic to generate thousands of grateful leads that became instant fans, and almost instant buyers.

Let that sink in for a minute…. TBC.

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