What Level Is Your Online Business At, Bro?

Every single golf player knows how it feels to get this question hurled at you:

Sooo… what’s your handicap?


You instinctively either wince or you grin, depending on where you figure you’ll land in the social pecking order.

This generates local status and all that… (you’ll know if you’ve read up on your Oren Klaff).

The same happens in competitive tennis, even at club levels.

Well it used to, when I was active in that sort of thing but that’s another story to tell when I feel like spinning it (see what I did there? yeah, too clever for my own good…).

Anyway, I’ll get to the point. 

It has to do with your company’s level of online visibility. Also known as online business maturity.

Let me break this down to you right now before you doze off…

Level 1: At The Very Least… BE There!

At level one, your company has a domain name snatched up and there’s maybe a few lines of text about what you do, perhaps some contact info and that’s about it. A logo even, maybe.

This is acceptable for a company that’s just started operating.

And in some extremely rare cases where an established company wants to project a hard-to-get image, and can get away with it. Case in point: the Hollywood talent agency CAA. Pretty sparse, yeah? Pre-2000, probably.

Well, don’t think for a minute you could get away with this! It works for known superstar / celebrity entities ONLY.

The problem is, having a web presence this sparse can actually HURT you if you’re not a widely known star performer in your niche.

When companies at this stage come to me, I’ll usually suggest to start from scratch and do it right the first time. At this stage, it’s still easy to undo mistakes and do it right.

Level 2: Well Heck, Show ‘Em What You Got

At the only slightly higher second level, your company’s site will at least show off something you can do for your customers. A description of services offered perhaps, or a product portfolio.

This will mostly work to remind people you talked to personally, of some of the points you brought up, who exactly are you again, show you off to other stakeholders, and so on.

Still not very leveraged at all, which is what the web is really for. But still, it works to show off your positioning at least, and works as a reminder to clients and prospects.

For most company web sites at this level, my recommendation is again to scrap it and start from scratch. Do it again, this time properly. Sometimes a copy tuneup is enough to make it work. 

Level 3: Now You’re A Known Quantity

This is where things start to get a little more interesting.

You can throw up a few well-written case studies up there. Success stories of your own. An origin story perhaps. Some better than average photography to go along with it.

Perhaps now you actually have a budget you can use to develop these elements into a selling tool.

The main point at this stage is to showcase your authority in your market and in your topic area.

At this stage, companies tend to need help actually developing the story pieces to a level where they’re NOT BORING (very important 🙂 and will help generate engagement, interest and contacts. Not surprisingly, copywriting is getting pretty critical now.

Level 4: Be Seen Promoting Something

This is where copywriting really comes to effect.

In fact, why would you even have a web site if you’re not using it to promote aspects of your business?

This is perhaps the major difference between American and European online businesses: Americans are always promoting something. Europeans, for the most part, rely more on building a facade.

I’m not saying one works better than the other… but, one works better than the other!

Why would you be in business, and then put your hands up to the sky and go ‘uh I dunno’ to your market?

You’ve come this far, done all this work to get known and become somewhat of an authority… and NOW you’re stepping on the breaks?

Makes no sense whatsoever.

You’ve got an audience – paid or non-paid. Now, place some offers in front of their eyes for goodness’ sakes!

Promotions actually prove to people you have what you’re going on about. Why else would you offer it?
And if you don’t offer it… how good can you be?

At this stage, create a calendar of promotions for every upcoming week and month, and plan well in advance. If you need help with that, we have ready-made processes, frameworks and automation tools that will drastically shorten your learning curve. 

Level 5: Enjoy Healthy Inbound Flow

This is the holy grail, right.

Everybody wants free traffic, qualified leads and sales for free.

LEADS and DEALS, automated.


"...and the heavens opened and business just poured down on me!"

“…and the heavens opened and business just poured down on me!”

It is, however, quite doable.

If you have your authority showcased, backed up by authority content and success stories, perhaps some referral traffic… you’re getting close.

So when your company web site shows authority, content and relevant offers… you’re getting close.

And when that inbound flow starts coming in, you’d better have your process ready.

That is, Have an actual marketing funnel set up that takes people all the way from cold to cuckoo! So you don’t lose that precious, warmed-up traffic flow you finally have.

It’s a bit of work to set up, yes.
But once you get there, it changes the nature of everything you do.

THEN you have a marketing machine in your hands. Warm and fuzzy leads plunk into your inbox daily. Eager prospects contact you all excited about a case study, already imagining their great results.

But even then… you need good copy to close. And you need a funnel that makes it easy for people to proceed in your world.

So none of these levels are easy. But the obstacles are worth jumping because the closer you get to LEVEL 4 and LEVEL 5… your business life becomes more exciting at every step.

NEED HELP? Check out some of what I offer, together with my team, or book a call so we can figure out what you need, together.

Carcast: How to Think of Your Audience

Hey you!

Did you ever get stumped with the dreaded ‘blank paper syndrome’?

Of course you did.

Everybody has some time.

A big fat blank comes to mind when you sit down to write.

So how do you break out of it?

Think of your audience, that’s what.


Here’s how…

In short…

Always remember who you’re talking to, first.

Then imagine yourself actually talking to that person.

(not a big bunch of them)

That’s when the rubber meets the road and you’re no longer in your head.

Everything flows beautifully again.

You remember what your role is in  making things happen.

Try it!

Have a great fall my friend!

I’ll be back soon with more…

How’d you like to have this superpower?

Hey. You know what?

Online business is hard.

Certainly harder than when I started in 2005.

But it CAN be made easier with a superpower.

EVERYTHING gets easier with a superpower, believe me. 🙂

Everything I’ve done in these 11 years, from ebooks to product launches to memberships to joint ventures…

Only ONE thing never got ‘out of style’.

The superpower of this X-ray like vision to see which words will convert!

And here’s how you can have it:

When you develop the copywriting x-ray vision… everything gets easier!

Funny, this skill has actually gotten more RARE in proportion than it used to be.

Means YOU have more power as one of the few who possess it!

And it does NOT have to take a long time.

Scr*w those 10,000 hours! 😀

There are NO hard and fast rules.

If you knew how fast I picked up this copywriting x-ray vision… I’d be embarrassed.

But I did NOT achieve this feat alone.

I had highly skilled mentors, as I’ve told you before.

Otherwise who knows how long the fumbling would have gone on.

IF you’d rather skip the fumbling and get to the ‘clucking’ point already…

You’re in a kind of a hurry, actually (enrolment closes after today)

Let me tell you one thing though.

I’m set to personally teach about 50 people next month. Which is crazy.

Speaking gigs, intense workshops, corporate trainings…

But ONLY a small handful of one-on-one Copywriting Mentorship participants.

Who do you think has the best chance of walking away with the copywriting X-ray vision?

Yep, my money’s definitely on my highly valued MENTEES.

I don’t need you to be there.

But you need this superpower.

After you gain the X-ray vision… everything gets easier.

It’s worth it.

I’ll see you there!


Juho Tunkelo
Your ‘words that sell’ Mentor

What Your Customers *Really* Think Of You…

Role play is one of the very best marketing tools I always recommend my clients and peers alike to use.

This means you need to take a departure from the sell-sell-sell marketer’s mindset for a minute, and listen, and embody “the other side”.

Very few actually do role play though… but when you finally do it, you’ll be hooked!

When you exercise empathy, it gives you so many gifts in business and life you’d otherwise have to work very very hard to attain… or to endure not ever attaining.

Role play is not just for the Warcraft crowd or what have you...

Role play is not just for the Warcraft crowd or what have you…

So here’s an exercise that will give you a very clear picture of what the customer experience is actually like for your customers.

Do not skip any questions, write down what comes to mind… and before you begin, allow yourself to forget that you’re in business for yourself, and see what it’s really like to be your own customer.

(By the way – you can try this in your personal relationships too, but that’s another topic entirely 🙂

So… here we go:

What it would FEEL like to be your customer?
List various reactions and emotions you’d encounter.


What would you appreciate in the experience, in the interaction?


What would make your blood boil, and at which point?


Would you feel appreciated or ignored in the relationship? Be honest.


Would you feel taken care of, or taken advantage of?
Or something in between.


Is there a personal connection, or is it “just business”?


Do you want to work together again?
Or do you feel compelled to look for alternatives?


Will you become a fan or turn away?


Once you’ve gone through these, you should be well into the groove of role playing your customer.

And STILL, the answers may surprise you big time.

Then, feel free to add your own, industry specific questions…

Go over your whole customer lifecycle, even.

You may be rather shocked by where specifically you come up short. But you may also be pleasantly surprised, and find reasons why some customers stick around. When you find those reasons why… do more of those. And fix the glaring omissions and any other creeping negativity. Your customers will thank you… and your bottom line will swell accordingly. 

He thought I’d just gloss it over (ha!)

Hey there!

Over the summer I had one particular Copywriting Mentorship participant who apparently wasn’t quite convinced it would make a real difference for him.

On our first call, I quickly picked up how he was a little reticent. He let me speak and comment on his copy, but wouldn’t really get involved at first.

This is fine for most teachers of copy – just sit back and watch, give a tip here and another there.

NOT me, though! 🙂

By week two, I came prepared, loaded to the gills with marketing ammunition.

You see, even though he was quiet it took me less than 30 minutes to figure out what was missing: he had sizeable holes in his knowledge, and didn’t want to show it.

I did the merciful thing and just came in swinging, proactively showing him…

…exactly how to write a powerful opening with drama, how to write bullets that whet the buyer’s attitude, how to connect pieces of copy together, how to compel anyone to make a decision on the spot, secret storytelling formulas of Hollywood screenwriters…

And then, I just kept on going.

  • He felt he couldn’t put together offers… so we devised a formula for his exact business to follow to the letter, and create weekly offers to mail out
  • He felt headlines were tough to come up with.. I whipped out 13 different formulas for him to use on six different landing pages
  • Coming up with bullets was a head scratcher… so I showed him my unreleased book on bullets, with fascination formulas for every occasion
  • Storytelling felt stale to him.. Here, 20 storytelling templates best-selling authors and even Hollywood studios use, and how to apply them in copy

I just kept on teaching him every single week amid the coaching. In less than a month, I could already feel the wheels turning.

His neocortex was positively humming with something entirely new, profitable pathways being blasted throughout his brain…

Once he saw how committed I was to make him “get it” he girdled up and jumped in. Sure enough, right smack in the middle of month two… a MIRACLE.

He opened up and confessed how little he really knew about writing copy – even after being in marketing for YEARS (a tough damaging admission to make).

Then he told me how he kept quiet just so he could observe how I was thinking and creating the copy, as much as possible.

“It was in the middle of you patiently walking me through the amazing bullet points you’d written for the health supplements… something finally clicked! I started to see beyond the words, and into the inner workings of how to write copy that actually moves people! I’ll never forget that sudden lightbulb moment.”

This is a very common experience. In fact…

I vividly remember a similar moment happening to me some time back in 2005 while on a coaching call with esteemed Singaporean copywriter Jo Han Mok, one of my early mentors.

He just went on and on about the inner psychology of copy, example after example, and suddenly I was in the Matrix… not just staring at lady in the red dress… but actually seeing how the code made her. 😉

When you see successful sales copy... do you see just words or the persuasive psychology beyond the words?

When you see successful sales copy… do you see just words or the persuasive psychology beyond the words?

So my friend.

If you’d like to finally experience how to put together high converting copy, here’s your chance.

The current intake for Copywriting Mentorship is ongoing, and I’ve got room for two… maybe three more, I haven’t decided just yet.

Enrolment will close on August 21, 2016. Or sooner if slots are filled by weekend.

If you’d like to add the ‘convert by instinct’ skill to your marketing toolbox, I dare say this is the best chance you’ll ever get in your life.

To be privately tutored into the hard-hitting, closely guarded secrets of direct response copywriting proven over decades to generate sales at will.

In a personal, respectful manner, always directly applied to your own business.

It’ll be one of the best times of your life.

Reply in a comment and let me know!


Juho Tunkelo
Your Trusted Copywriting Mentor

PS. If you’re in a hurry, just download the PDF that
explains the program, and check the offer page for options.

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