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Emerging Online Trends: September


Time for another round of tools and resources from my Delicious goldmines.

Last month yielded a mixed bag of stuff, something for every category.


So [Continue reading]

Do You Have The Spark Yet?

It usually takes a defining moment of some kind before one finally finds the 'golden path' for their work. Especially true for creative work! Goes … [Continue reading]

Is Facebook’s Clickbait Ban A Bad Thing?

facebook clickbait ban

So, Facebook dropped the hammer on the clickbait artists. Read here if you haven't yet. In short: this is a GOOD thing. Snap! And just … [Continue reading]

NEW Copywriting and Persuasion Insights (Free For Now)

The Copyist, August 2014 edition

Hey there. In the coming months, I aim to bump up my efforts to teach copywriting and other moneymaking fine arts to those interested in such … [Continue reading]

CarCast: The One With The Hat

I haven't done a CarCast all summer so it's time. I'll tell you what I've been up to, how to make sure the people around … [Continue reading]

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