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Why Teaching Copywriting Is Difficult

There’s a reason why I haven’t been directly teaching copywriting all that much in the past, save a few workshops here and there and well, the newsletter.

And it’s basically because it’s much easier to do than it is to teach it!

However, I’ve come to a point where I feel it’s necessary to start ‘passing the baton’.


But just so you understand I haven’t been holding off on it for this long for nothing, I want to explain something about direct response copywriting.

Why teaching direct response copywriting is hard:

  1. The skill is the result of a very long learning curve. You don’t just pass it along in one fell swoop. You can expose your students to your experience bit by bit and hope that it sticks. It’s up to both parties, really.
  2. There’s a lot of hands-on experience involved that the learners may not yet have. Therefore, it requires reframing my usual thinking to another where you may be just start to ‘get’ some of the necessary thinking behind it. So be it.
  3. Over time, much of the skill becomes ‘second nature’ a.k.a. subsoncious competence which means it takes extra effort to make it conscious in order to teach it.
  4. It is simply not an easy skill to master. It takes courage to learn it, perseverance to apply it, and continuous daring spirit to keep pushing the boundaries of one’s skills.

I’ll even go as far as say not everyone can become a professional copywriter.

However! I do think anyone can learn the fundamentals in such ways that they can implement it in their business and double or triple their profits as a result. This is the intent I’m going into 2015 with.

Having said all that… I’m going to dare to teach you anyway! :D

So hold on to your hat and come back often. It’s about to get interesting around here. 

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