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With A Great Brand, Do You Still Need Copywriting?

Hi there,

I’ve had this discussion a few times lately, and
I wanted to bring the results to you.

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“Do I Really Need Copywriting…
When I Have Such A Great Brand?”

I certainly understand where this comes from.

When you have a great brand, you have demand, things
are happening, birds are chirping, the sun is shining and
money rains upon you… so you may end up feeling invicible.

But you may not know this: even great brands do complete
DUD campaigns and launches ALL the time! (They just don’t like
to advertise those failures because you know… brand.)

A trusted, well-known brand is a great starting point, but you
still need to make a powerful case for anyone to buy but the diehards.

Even Apple couldn’t get their fans to buy a thinly veiled rehash of their
iPhone 5 as a candy color coated iPhone 5c. Nobody’s immune to
the effects of bad marketing.

So even the diehards need marketing today, go figure!

The next point of contention is…

“I Really Need It To Be In My Own Voice…”

Of course, if you have a bustling brand, especially a personal brand,
you’ll want to ride that high as far and long as you can. And the
driving force behind that is your very own ‘voice’.

That unique way you have of relating to your audience,
fans and customers is what they love and expect.

You’d have serious doubts about having someone come in and
write a promotion or script a video that you couldn’t possibly
let out in your own name.

But here’s where the magic sets in:
the best copywriters out there can actually MIMIC your voice!

In fact, you have more than likely read copy or even articles
from your favorite personal brands without knowing…
Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Oprah…

Yeah, “someone else” actually wrote that!

Maybe they sat together and the expert fed the writer the
raw material and guided them to do it the way they wanted.

Or maybe the writer was just THAT good, and managed to
write in the voice of the brand.

So well that nobody could make the difference.
Enough of a difference, anyway.

In some cases, the copywriter’s voice itself actually
becomes part of the brand’s “voice”!
And you’d still never know.

What matters though is, it IS possible to get copy that
performs well AND it is still in your very own recognizable voice
that your audience loves, recognizes and responds to.

So there’s that. One more misconception to bust here…

“Do I Really Need Copy On A Continuous Basis?”

Again, define your needs and you’ll have to answer.

If you plan to grow, sell new products to existing customers
or old products to new customers… you have hurdles to

Copy is your best friend in that situation.

Even if you’re selling a familiar product to existing customers,
you need to keep their interest fresh and keep showing
them the value they’re getting.

Nobody will just hand you the money for no reason,
whoever you are or represent.

This is why skilled copywriters are in such great demand.
They know how to push that tire-kicking prospect over
that finish line so you get the cash in hand.

If you only need to sell once,
you don’t have a business but a promotion.

If you want to keep your sales performance bulletproof,
and avoid those lulls and unavoidable costly duds…

Yes, you do need powerful sales copy continuously.

Okay, fine. But, but, but…

“…What If It Doesn’t Work?”

This is the big one, of course.

Nobody wants to invest in sales copy if there’s
no guarantee of it bringing in the sales.

The trouble is, as important as great sales copy is,
it’s NOT everything in your marketing setup.

Even with the best copy in the world, you could still
mess it up with the wrong kind of traffic, poorly
converting design, emails that miss the mark… and so on.

This is why I personally offer a combined service
to my smartest clients:

“Yes I’ll deliver the copy you want
me to write, but I’ll also stay on to test, tweak, and
fine tune your whole marketing big picture.”

I admit that is a rare combination, but I’ve been
able to make it work very well for my clients.

So, if you have a strong brand but you’d still like
to have strong promotions and sales on a continuous

Then look into setting up a continuous relationship
with a proven copywriter.

That’s my rant for today.

Have a great day!

Juho Tunkelo
Direct Response Copywriter

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