How’d you like to have this superpower?

Hey. You know what?

Online business is hard.

Certainly harder than when I started in 2005.

But it CAN be made easier with a superpower.

EVERYTHING gets easier with a superpower, believe me. 🙂

Everything I’ve done in these 11 years, from ebooks to product launches to memberships to joint ventures…

Only ONE thing never got ‘out of style’.

The superpower of this X-ray like vision to see which words will convert!

And here’s how you can have it:

When you develop the copywriting x-ray vision… everything gets easier!

Funny, this skill has actually gotten more RARE in proportion than it used to be.

Means YOU have more power as one of the few who possess it!

And it does NOT have to take a long time.

Scr*w those 10,000 hours! 😀

There are NO hard and fast rules.

If you knew how fast I picked up this copywriting x-ray vision… I’d be embarrassed.

But I did NOT achieve this feat alone.

I had highly skilled mentors, as I’ve told you before.

Otherwise who knows how long the fumbling would have gone on.

IF you’d rather skip the fumbling and get to the ‘clucking’ point already…

You’re in a kind of a hurry, actually (enrolment closes after today)

Let me tell you one thing though.

I’m set to personally teach about 50 people next month. Which is crazy.

Speaking gigs, intense workshops, corporate trainings…

But ONLY a small handful of one-on-one Copywriting Mentorship participants.

Who do you think has the best chance of walking away with the copywriting X-ray vision?

Yep, my money’s definitely on my highly valued MENTEES.

I don’t need you to be there.

But you need this superpower.

After you gain the X-ray vision… everything gets easier.

It’s worth it.

I’ll see you there!


Juho Tunkelo
Your ‘words that sell’ Mentor

What Your Customers *Really* Think Of You…

Role play is one of the very best marketing tools I always recommend my clients and peers alike to use.

This means you need to take a departure from the sell-sell-sell marketer’s mindset for a minute, and listen, and embody “the other side”.

Very few actually do role play though… but when you finally do it, you’ll be hooked!

When you exercise empathy, it gives you so many gifts in business and life you’d otherwise have to work very very hard to attain… or to endure not ever attaining.

Role play is not just for the Warcraft crowd or what have you...

Role play is not just for the Warcraft crowd or what have you…

So here’s an exercise that will give you a very clear picture of what the customer experience is actually like for your customers.

Do not skip any questions, write down what comes to mind… and before you begin, allow yourself to forget that you’re in business for yourself, and see what it’s really like to be your own customer.

(By the way – you can try this in your personal relationships too, but that’s another topic entirely 🙂

So… here we go:

What it would FEEL like to be your customer?
List various reactions and emotions you’d encounter.


What would you appreciate in the experience, in the interaction?


What would make your blood boil, and at which point?


Would you feel appreciated or ignored in the relationship? Be honest.


Would you feel taken care of, or taken advantage of?
Or something in between.


Is there a personal connection, or is it “just business”?


Do you want to work together again?
Or do you feel compelled to look for alternatives?


Will you become a fan or turn away?


Once you’ve gone through these, you should be well into the groove of role playing your customer.

And STILL, the answers may surprise you big time.

Then, feel free to add your own, industry specific questions…

Go over your whole customer lifecycle, even.

You may be rather shocked by where specifically you come up short. But you may also be pleasantly surprised, and find reasons why some customers stick around. When you find those reasons why… do more of those. And fix the glaring omissions and any other creeping negativity. Your customers will thank you… and your bottom line will swell accordingly. 

He thought I’d just gloss it over (ha!)

Hey there!

Over the summer I had one particular Copywriting Mentorship participant who apparently wasn’t quite convinced it would make a real difference for him.

On our first call, I quickly picked up how he was a little reticent. He let me speak and comment on his copy, but wouldn’t really get involved at first.

This is fine for most teachers of copy – just sit back and watch, give a tip here and another there.

NOT me, though! 🙂

By week two, I came prepared, loaded to the gills with marketing ammunition.

You see, even though he was quiet it took me less than 30 minutes to figure out what was missing: he had sizeable holes in his knowledge, and didn’t want to show it.

I did the merciful thing and just came in swinging, proactively showing him…

…exactly how to write a powerful opening with drama, how to write bullets that whet the buyer’s attitude, how to connect pieces of copy together, how to compel anyone to make a decision on the spot, secret storytelling formulas of Hollywood screenwriters…

And then, I just kept on going.

  • He felt he couldn’t put together offers… so we devised a formula for his exact business to follow to the letter, and create weekly offers to mail out
  • He felt headlines were tough to come up with.. I whipped out 13 different formulas for him to use on six different landing pages
  • Coming up with bullets was a head scratcher… so I showed him my unreleased book on bullets, with fascination formulas for every occasion
  • Storytelling felt stale to him.. Here, 20 storytelling templates best-selling authors and even Hollywood studios use, and how to apply them in copy

I just kept on teaching him every single week amid the coaching. In less than a month, I could already feel the wheels turning.

His neocortex was positively humming with something entirely new, profitable pathways being blasted throughout his brain…

Once he saw how committed I was to make him “get it” he girdled up and jumped in. Sure enough, right smack in the middle of month two… a MIRACLE.

He opened up and confessed how little he really knew about writing copy – even after being in marketing for YEARS (a tough damaging admission to make).

Then he told me how he kept quiet just so he could observe how I was thinking and creating the copy, as much as possible.

“It was in the middle of you patiently walking me through the amazing bullet points you’d written for the health supplements… something finally clicked! I started to see beyond the words, and into the inner workings of how to write copy that actually moves people! I’ll never forget that sudden lightbulb moment.”

This is a very common experience. In fact…

I vividly remember a similar moment happening to me some time back in 2005 while on a coaching call with esteemed Singaporean copywriter Jo Han Mok, one of my early mentors.

He just went on and on about the inner psychology of copy, example after example, and suddenly I was in the Matrix… not just staring at lady in the red dress… but actually seeing how the code made her. 😉

When you see successful sales copy... do you see just words or the persuasive psychology beyond the words?

When you see successful sales copy… do you see just words or the persuasive psychology beyond the words?

So my friend.

If you’d like to finally experience how to put together high converting copy, here’s your chance.

The current intake for Copywriting Mentorship is ongoing, and I’ve got room for two… maybe three more, I haven’t decided just yet.

Enrolment will close on August 21, 2016. Or sooner if slots are filled by weekend.

If you’d like to add the ‘convert by instinct’ skill to your marketing toolbox, I dare say this is the best chance you’ll ever get in your life.

To be privately tutored into the hard-hitting, closely guarded secrets of direct response copywriting proven over decades to generate sales at will.

In a personal, respectful manner, always directly applied to your own business.

It’ll be one of the best times of your life.

Reply in a comment and let me know!


Juho Tunkelo
Your Trusted Copywriting Mentor

PS. If you’re in a hurry, just download the PDF that
explains the program, and check the offer page for options.

3 More Tiny Tricks Working Amazingly Well In Online Marketing

Okay, three more little tricks that can really make a difference in your online marketing… especially when stacked.

Let’s go!

1. Attract Attention & Action in Email with a Johnson Box

Johnson boxes. I could make a ton of jokes but let’s keep it civil here. 🙂

So what’s a Johnson box?

It’s a visual device used originally in the direct mail industry, designed to attract attention to a key marketing message, a quote or some other critical information.

Often they are also used to highlight testimonials.

In short, it’s a device designed to stop you from scrolling through the whole text, and take notice even while scanning.

So it’s worked great in direct mail, and it’s worked even better in online sales letters.

So why exactly aren’t people using it in email?

There are several reasons, but none of them very good. 🙂

The truth is, email is exactly where you want people to stop and take notice, so why wouldn’t you use a Johnson box exactly there!

So how do you create a Johnson box in your email? There’s two ways.

Insert as image, or perhaps the better way is to insert as HTML+CSS:

AHOY! This here marks some important stuff. Take notice!

Styles vary, of course. It doesn’t have to be the classic dashed border.

If you want to learn how to do this in HTML, here’s a tutorial.

So if you’d like to test some real direct response visual power in your HTML emails, give Johnson Boxes a ago. Placement can be anywhere, but top or middle usually generate the most response. Go test!

2. Stop Scrollers on Instagram with Slow Motion Video

There are a few reasons why this works so well.

  • It interrupts a dominant pattern – something so different it stops people scrolling the image stream on their phone
  • It moves you from a passive viewing state to a more active viewing state – you sit up and focus
  • When done right, the video will give a recurring message, perhaps animated, leading towards a call to action

Slow motion video is pretty hypnotic, don’t you think?!

Yup, sure works.

Imagine seeing that as you’re flipping through your Instagram feed… then see your marketing message superimposed on it, with a call to action below.

Clicks galore… test it!

3. Remarket to Your LinkedIn Contact Base

This is a bit of a sneaky trick, but works like a charm.

Here’s what you do. Export your LinkedIn contacts into a CSV file. Here’s where you can do that.

Then you simply upload that file with your contacts to a Facebook custom audience for ads and/or retargeting.

It is possible... to use your contacts for remarketing...

It IS possible… to use your contacts for remarketing…

I’m not 100% on how kosher this is, so if you decide to do this, it’s on you.

But what I’ve noticed is, if you have something to promote to that professional audience that already knows you and are half warm anyway… the conversion rates can be astounding!

So there you have it; another three little tricks that can add some definite power to your marketing. They may seem small, but as you test them, tweak them and stack them one after another… you’ll see the difference in your bottom line. 

3 Old, Tiny Tricks Still Working Amazingly Well in Online Marketing

Sometimes in online marketing, you really don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Instead, you can utilize tiny little tactics, tricks even, that can boost the effectiveness of your marketing, sometimes dramatically.

But you do need to actually use them, to get the effect. 🙂

Not just think about it or – as is often the case – pooh-pooh them as something too small to have an effect.

Or old hat.

Get this – it’s NOT just the new strategies that come with big leverage. In fact it’s often the opposite, because everyone’s using them.

At any rate, let’s go over three such tiny leverage generators. 

  • Personalized URLs

Personalized URLs or PURLs work like crazy. It seems like such a tiny trick, but does a lot to tie the offering to the audience. And the fact that they’re used so little these days… even better. Here’s an example of a past campaign of mine. Also, there are plugins that make this easy now, and CRMs provide the tokens to use. Instant intimacy.


  • Countdown Timers

This is another little tactic that seems so… early 2000’s I guess. Everyone was doing those silly countdowns – seats left, time left, and so on. And you know what… it STILL works. It just seems cheesy enough that people don’t use it a lot. Scarcity is a powerful trigger, when used right. And within a promotional timeline – a product launch for instance – you can and should use countdowns multiple times. Works works works.


  • Strategic Images

As a copywriter, I’m all about the text of course. But I’m not blind to how people react on a web page, either. Their eyes actively seek things to anchor into – some image, some element that would give them more information or more emotion… faster. That’s why strategically chosen images are excellent. And the other reason why they work is it gives you an excuse to write another headline of sorts… in the form of legend text, combined with a link in the case of email.


“Look at me pinching the point between my eyebrows, denoting deep concentration… means I’m serious about helping you. Also look at my gold watch, which means you can have it too if you work with me.” 🙂

So try these three tiny tactics in your marketing the next time you promote something. You’ll see that tiny tactics stacked on top of each other… can amount to a great effect! Tune in for three more tiny tactics with large leverage soon. 

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