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Give Them What They Want, Then What They Need

Here’s an important topic to consider, especially when selling or writing copy to corporates.

Sometimes you have to temper the instinct to go for the jugular… and give your prospects what they want and expect first.

After that, the road may be considerably smoother.

Why Product Launches Work So Well

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Everybody loves a great product launch, right? At least when it's their own... ;) But WHY is it that they work so well? I mean, they've been declared dead so many times, and yet we see successful launches all the time. Here's one way to look … [Continue reading]

“What If…”

What if everything was just a matter of "thinking it so"... how would that change things for you?

What if the only thing in the way of your success is that you think more of failure than success? What if the only thing you had to do to succeed was to think about that success, deeply and in detail? What if your suffering and miseries could … [Continue reading]

The Copyist September-October Issue

"From the desk of..."

Hey! September came and went, and no newsletter? I know. We're all super busy, yadda yadda. But I know you're waiting for it, so I cut this issue a little shorter than usual just to get it out to you. I'm sure you'll like it - tips upon … [Continue reading]

Emerging Online Trends: October

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Hey.  Time for another round of valuable tools, trends and resources from my Delicious streams of goodness and beauty. This past month yielded another very mixed bag of links, so go and see what grabs you. So rave on, will you... WP … [Continue reading]