Adventures in marketing & the finer things in life.

Can Great Marketing Redeem A Bad Product?

I hear these ‘armchair marketer’ comments from time to time.

“The marketing on that product launch was SO good the product could have been anything at all [Continue reading]

First Get Attention – Then Shock & Awe

Stepping out in style... making a statement...

You wouldn't be much surprised to find Richard Branson as one of the backers of this new money transfer startup... would you? Stepping out in style... … [Continue reading]

The Unexpected Power of Emotion

Now... if you know even the slightest about copywriting, you already know that EMOTION sells. Not the features, not the trinkets or the widgets... It's … [Continue reading]

Valuable Online Resources I Found For You In June 2014

Tools tools tools!

Hey there, It's that time again. Not sure how long I'll keep posting these, but as long as I keep getting positive comments, I probably will. … [Continue reading]

Elevate Your Thinking

Robes high up

Here's a thought for you. If at any point in your business, or in your life... You don't know WHAT to do... so many options... tasks … [Continue reading]

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