Adventures in marketing & the finer things in life.

Marketing Recovery

How to bring back a customer who aborted the purchase process… or didn’t ‘take to it’ to begin with…

Here’s my experience, and advice.

Conversion Optimization in a Parallel Universe

What to do when setting up a conversion test is too complicated? And what does Steve Jobs have to do with it? Get a load of this... Go find out more about conversion optimization on this page. … [Continue reading]

Fact Based Persuasion

So called... If you need copywriting yourself, drop me a word here. … [Continue reading]

CarCast: How Your Customers Actually Talk About You

Press play and listen to some ramblings from a car wash queue :) … [Continue reading]

Why Teaching Copywriting Is Difficult

There's a reason why I haven't been directly teaching copywriting all that much in the past, save a few workshops here and there and well, the newsletter. And it's basically because it's much easier to do than it is to teach it! However, I've … [Continue reading]