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The Copyist September-October Issue


September came and went, and no newsletter?

I know. We’re all super busy, yadda yadda.

But I know you’re waiting for it, so I cut this issue
a little shorter than usual just to get it out to you.

I’m sure you’ll like it – tips upon tips this time.

And oh yeah, some attitude as well for sure ;)

Download the latest PDF of The Copyist now.

"From the desk of..."

“From the desk of…”

In this issue you’ll be discovering:

  • The Inconvenient Truths of our business
    (you may find you’ve been dodging some of these)
  • How to Overcome Mental Roadblocks in writing
    copy – much requested, so here you go!
  • The Universals of Conversion – a teaser to my
    upcoming book on Conversion Optimization!
  • The Secrets of Call-to-Action copy – this requires
    a book of its own, but at least try these techniques!

Sounds enticing, yeah?

By the way, page 5 has already yielded some rave feedback so don’t walk.. run! ;)

Here’s to your selling success!

Juho Tunkelo
Your Sales Enabler

PS. If you missed the previous issue, you’ll find the
link to it on the same download page. You’re welcome.

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