So here’s a question you may not have had to answer so far.
But it’s an important one I guarantee you. So…

How many sales letters have you pounded out on your trusty keyboard so far?

A handful, maybe twenty?

Or perhaps a full fifty?

Or… have you joined the coveted hundred-letter club already?

How about promotional emails?

Have you shot off a thousand of them yet, with your own greedy little hands?

(AI doesn’t count, and also doesn’t help much for what we’re talking about here)

If you’ve gone through this creative bootcamp and survived, props to you! If not, perhaps it’s time to level up, maybe get some help from the pros, or find someone who can show you the ropes.

We’re talking about the magic of conditioning, something that everyone’s favorite performance coach pal Tony Robbins wouldn’t stop raving about. And he’s sure got a point.

Conditioning is like your secret power-up that can take you from rookie to master. Not immediately but more certainly than anything else will.

Conditioning: Your Secret Sauce to Success

Before we start, let’s get something straight. What’s all this talk about conditioning? Well, think about it as getting yourself trained or used to behaving in a certain way or adapting to specific scenarios.

Whether you’re in business, getting your hands dirty with creative stuff, acing your serves in tennis, or just about any skill you’re aiming to conquer, conditioning is all about creating the right habits, attitudes, and mindset through lots and lots of practice.

Think of it like how athletes condition their bodies and minds to stand the heat of their game. The same applies to all professionals. Writers have to get down to writing every day, not just when the muse whispers gently in their ears. Salespeople have to make those calls every day, regardless of whether they hit gold or not.

Now here’s the trick: conditioning isn’t just about the now. It’s about setting your sails right for long-term growth and becoming a true champ in your field.

That’s why Tony Robbins is a so far above anyone else in the world of personal development. He’s all about not just bagging success but also getting yourself ready to chase it and keep it. And doing this as a continuous habit.

Time to Get Yourself a Mentor, Buddy

If you’re just starting out or find yourself hitting a wall, getting a coach or mentor on board can do wonders. A mentor who’s already been down the road can throw you a lifeline, giving you insights and guidance you wouldn’t find in any book.

So, what should you keep an eye out for when picking a mentor? Sure, their successes, the big names they’ve worked with, and their own mentees’ achievements are all important. But what really counts is their focus on conditioning and their openness to learning.

Find someone who can take you beyond the basics and teach you how to hone your skills further and further. Find someone whose goal is to improve while also succeeding.

Find a mentor who will put in the time and effort to grow you as a person as well as a professional, not just to copy their own traits inside you.

A mentor who’s all-in for conditioning knows that becoming a pro is a marathon, not a sprint. They understand that to truly get a grip on a skill such as copywriting, you have to make it a habit, part of your everyday drill.

Being open to learning is equally important. A mentor who values this knows they’re not there to spoon-feed you all the answers. Their job is to help you find your own. They respect your ability to learn and grow, and they’re there to fuel that growth with patience and understanding.

Conditioning in Action: The Out-of-Nowhere Tennis Stars

Need proof that conditioning works? Look no further than the world of tennis. The recent rising stars didn’t just get lucky.

Their success comes from hours and hours of conditioning their bodies to make the right moves and their minds to make the right calls under pressure.

They’ve also had coaches who recognized the power of conditioning and learning, who helped them channel their raw talent and mold it into an unbeatable force.

Christian Ruud of Norway is a prime example, someone whose superior conditioning has bagged him no less than three Grand Slam finals within a year and change.

So there you have it. If you want to make your mark, remember the power of doing a hundred – or a thousand – of anything. Embrace the challenges, the repetitive tasks, the everyday grind. Get your conditioning on point, whether by training yourself or bringing a mentor on board. And always remember, conditioning doesn’t create overnight wonders. But give it time, and it can make you a master.

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