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Want to Ride the Wave?

What’s the ultimate in Effortless Success? That’s easy: you find an incredibly large wave, and surf it for all it’s worth! You know, like this: Ride a bull market like crazy with call options across the board Build a company in whatever space venture capitalists happen to be hot for Become friends with someone incredibly […]

I double dare you...

A Powerful Trend on the Rise

Sometimes it isn’t just about the bits. Sometimes content isn’t just content. When color television came along, the b/w transmissions were still just as valuable content wise. However… When the experience changes radically… the whole game changes. High Definition video. The triumph of Blu-Ray. Apple TV 2.0. Do you see the writing on the wall? […]

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An Oddly Satisfying Project!

Hi there guys, I’m experiencing something very strange right now… I’m doing the same exact thing as I’ve been doing for the past few years professionally… that is, marketing stuff online and teaching others to do the same. Basic stuff. The good stuff. Profitable stuff. Etc. But now the difference is… The course I’m launching […]

I double dare you...
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