Ok folks, listen up. I get a lot of ‘fake questions’ about copywriting. Okay, some of them sincere, too.

How to make it work, how hard it is, how it’s not for everyone, how only people who are natural writers can learn it. And on and on.

All that tells me is one thing: you’re making it hard for yourself, all by yourself!

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And there’s pretty much only one single reason for that to be the case, and I’m going to reveal it to you right now.

Lean in close, please. This is good (if a little harsh for the sensitive type).

The only REAL reason why copywriting, or selling in any modality, seems hard to you is this:


There it is. That’s IT. Truth out in the open.

You can debate it, you can question it, you can snub it, but it’s going to stare you in the eye until you yield to its raw power.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Eddi 07

I’ve seen people who can barely write their name, ‘GET’ copywriting and go on to make great wealth for themselves. I’ve trained many of them myself. It’s NOT always the great all-round writer that becomes a great copywriter.

And almost invariably, the lightbulb moment comes when they realizethey really, honestly need to stop putting up an image of themselves or their product or business…

And just plain be the guy or gal who helps their customer get what they want.

In most cases, that’s MORE than enough.

On that note, if you’re in the market for a copywriter, if your business performance is suffering from inadequately performing sales copy, contact my company and we’ll take it from there.

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