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How To Create A ‘Greased Lightning’ Squeeze Page

Are your squeeze pages / opt-in pages / landing pages lacking OOMPH?

One of the most common mistakes in creating effective squeeze pages that bring in tons of email subscriptions is… that they don’t seem designed for FAST ACTION.

It’s a little weird, because the entire, singular, ONLY goal of a squeeze is to quickly capture the visitor’s email and move them forward in the funnel. Hence the name.

And yet, this is where a lot of people get confused.

Here’s what you need to remember: going through and acting on a squeeze page should be a BREEZE.

You shouldn’t have to ‘study’ it and then come to a conclusion. No – that’s sales letter territory. Save the long and arduous persuasion piece for the actual sales process.

A ‘breeze page’ does three things extremely well, and three things only:

  1. It grabs your immediate attention and won’t let go until you act
  2. It gives you an expectation of instant gratification (something of emotional value that you can get your hands on right away)
  3. Compels you to act right now (creates a big enough pain if you don’t)

That’s it!

It should have immediate impact, draw immediate reaction, and command action.

This cannot be stressed enough: emotional impact – even the slightest promise of emotional payoff – can trigger a decision to opt-in (provided it’s made easy and fast to carry out).

So how do you go about creating such an effect? Let’s run through the basics, shall we.

  1. The big hook – this can be many different things, but often it is a promise of transformation in the prospect’s situation. Take a peek, and you too will be privy to this secret that gives you new results. Paint an emotional image of the end result (yes this still works). You can also tell a story that immediately grabs you and promises something big, meaningful and specific – and holistic; a true transformation.
  2. A promise of insight – people always want to hear from and learn from people who demonstrate a capability to deliver new insights into their situation.
  3. The curiosity factor – hint at something great, but only tell half the story. This alone can drive a LOT of signups almost regardless of what’s on offer.
  4. Finally, overall clarity of layout (yes this matters also) combined with the strong appeal must be followed up with clearly marked up direction to act. Use a left-to-right signup form, email only, and order button text giving the reason why you’re pushing the button.

So there you have the basics. I’ll be teaching this in greater detail in some new material soon, so stay tuned.

Scrap the complications and implement just these simple things and you will no doubt increase your signups in double digits. All you need is to appeal to an impulse that’s already there.

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