Most people, if you ask them if they’re focused, will tell you: yes absolutely I am, of course.

Some (not all) of them will even be able to say where they think their focus is:

  • I’m 100% focused on my career‘,
  • I’m totally focused on the wellbeing of my family‘, or even:
  • I’m focused on enlightenment‘.

Yet if you ask them are they experiencing success in what they say they’re focused on, easily 80% will say yes, kinda… and then add: ‘but not as much as I’d like‘.

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See, that gives us a very simple way to test what you’re REALLY focused on:

Ask yourself:
What is the predominant EXPERIENCE in my life, most of the time?

The answer you get is what you’re REALLY focused on, not what you SAY you’re focused on.

If you keep experiencing lack, tiredness, or pain, it’s pretty safe to say you’re not 100% focused on wealth, health and well-being.

It’s SO easy to let your awareness simply slip into accepting what’s happening as your new focus… it happens all the time, to ALL of us.

In reality, most people aren’t focused at all. They may BEGIN FOCUSED, but then they get lost in the details of it, and their FOCUS MIGRATES with it…

If you had a way to help your unconscious stay focused (such as Cybernetic Transposition) on what you want, while you take care of everything else, you could definitely remedy that.

But that’s just one way to fix this problem of migrating focus, and it may not be suitable for everyone.

One other answer is to keep a DIARY OF RESULTS.

Moleskine End Page
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Keep a record of what you intended to happen, then record what actually happened. BOTH inside and outside.

That way, you can start seeing what you’re really focusing on, on a daily basis. And also, you start giving yourself some feedback about where your focus should remain.

What you continuously focus on, WILL grow in your life. It’s a law of nature you can always take refuge in. The trick is though… you can’t force your focus, because that’s not natural either.

So gently… very gently and very consciously… keep returning your focus to those things you’re naturally attracted to.

Identify those things specific to you… things likely to be under the categories of health, wealth and happiness. That pretty much covers what every one of us craves for, consciously or unconsciously.


Focus on your focus, and you’ll get much more of it, much faster than you’re used to. 😉
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Comments to: Focus on Focus
  • October 5, 2008

    You couldn’t have said it better: Focus on focus! This must solve the problem of 24 hours isn’t enough 😀 If I’ll get much more of, much faster than I’m used to, as you say, you solve another problem too. Life isn’t too short!

  • October 6, 2008

    Very swish article Juho

    Focus …. yes that’s perfect.

    Reckon you can’t always get what you want, but you get 100% of what you are being.


  • October 11, 2008

    It’s not surprising that most people are not focused. I find myself distracted all the time by low priority items.

    Why don’t they teach focus in schools? Not as a byproduct of trying to get good grades, but as a holistic approach to understanding the essence of true focus. I wonder if that would help the next generation of students.

  • October 12, 2008

    So well said, Jonathan. It all starts with what you’re being.

    Allan, I know there are some special schools that actually teach that… but still they’re like one in 100,000… some work to be done there for sure.

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