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CarCast – Everything Is Copy

Some people think you only need high impact sales copy when releasing a new product. While true… that’s only ONE place where you can increase your results! What if you had dozens and dozens of ‘profit multiplier’ points of impact all over your business processes, all over your funnels? It’s true… watch this, and plot […]

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Don’t Play Too Hard To Get… To Get Sales!

Internet marketers can really be a funny bunch. Once a new strategy starts to show signs of working really really well… people just start using it without giving much thought to how it might work for the business. Copying without thinking. It would be funny if it weren’t so head-scratchingly self-sabotaging to their business success… One such […]

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How To Trigger An Almost Compulsive Buying Habit In Your Customers

“Offers! Delicious Offers! Get them while they last!” -there’s a customer born every minute… Wouldn’t it be NICE? To not only get a dribble of sales here and there, or even some solid response to a campaign or launch you put out there once in a while… But to have people get into an outright HABIT of buying […]

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