While many of us copywriters consider our craft an art form, many of us want to be on the  of artificial intelligence (AI) to get a leg up in the creative department, as a freelancer or what have you.

Sure it might be the future, but before cancelling our very own usefulness in this business, let’s consider some of the serious drawbacks using AI for copy has for us.

First off, Google started noticing and penalizing AI-generated content a while ago already. If you’re trying to rank at the top SEO wise, human-written content is still king.

Yikes — there’s also potential for plagiarism too. Sure, machines can follow patterns and churn out easily-recognizable stuff, but that could land you in hot water if not done right. That’s why it often takes time to ‘punch up’ AI copy — and again begs the question: is it worth outsourcing your work entirely?

Speaking of which — copyright disputes have already kicked off over AI-generated words derived from Wikipedia and other sources. Not sure about you, but I better take notes before mandatory citations kick in!

Remember the idea of a thousand monkeys typing away randomly? Well, imagine if robots wrote all literature: some say that implies no ‘consciousness’ behind our words — thus leaving readers with much less feeling than usual.

Plus, how much do you trust advice from robots? Legal counsel or medical diagnoses? Probably not as much as qualified professionals — so why would you entrust your sales material to an algorithm instead of experienced writer? You deserve better!

AI can trick us into thinking we’re wiser than we really are; machines might present us with solutions or insights we hadn’t thought of…but can they guarantee results when put into practice across ad campaigns, for instance? Almost certainly not. Which means relying solely on AI for copywriting may not be such a great idea after all…

At this point in time where technology still needs quite some catching up before it truly rivals humans’ work, collaboration between live minds can never be replaced.

Let’s take farming operations managed by machines alone; sure they’ll handle most mundane tasks — but only real farmers have the experience and intuition to react instinctively and come up with unexpected solutions & innovative approaches in case something goes awry!

The same goes down in other industries too: although machines now habitually help us through every stage in our workflow processes (EDM production being a great example), skilled creatives still win out thanks their creative flare & technical know-how combined!

Last, but not least — nobody has answered yet whether AI generated copy actually performs better than humanly written text when it comes to conversion. So until AI proves otherwise we must assume “no”, because nothing beats genuine reader engagement elicited by actual living beings!

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