Right, about this AI thing…

Okay okay.

So your AI tool can generate some nice copy for you in just seconds flat.

Great, awesome.
THEN what?

It’s nice to play with it and all, generate text at lightning speed. Cool, right!

Are you seriously going to run machine generated copy to a list for
an audience composed of actual living and breathing humans?

OK I’ll grant you might do that for a test.

And it might turn out ‘OK’.

But if you really want to master the buying response,
you’re going to have to do something else on top of it.

We can call it the Human Buyer’s Interface or HBI. Catchy, huh?

(The last time I checked, humans were still doing roughly 100% of the buying!)

It is that place where the buying decision is made or rejected.
It is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.

If you master THIS you can generate sales at will.

I’m sure that can sound hypey but only if you haven’t experienced it first hand.

What this means is three things:

Number one, you will know what mindset to go into the marketing battlefield with, and the mindset you’ll encounter when you land there.

Number two, you will know what happens when that collision of mindsets happens. Plus, you’ll know how to then finesse things so the all-important mind meld happens (which is a whole topic to itself, for another time).

Number three, you will know how to set up your customer’s experience so that they will be happy with their purchase, and will be predisposed to buy from you again and again.

THIS is the very core of all marketing and sales, and whether you use AI or not this is where the magic truly happens.

You can try to copy it but truly you can only master it.

THIS is what I’d rather have you master than all the AI tools put together.

Why? Because then you’ll OWN the understanding and
the SKILL to make sales, for the rest of your life.

More on this to come, talk soon!


PS. And nope, AI did NOT write this for me. ? I did dictate it while driving, then used about 3 minutes to polish it, that’s it. This is how you can use all these tech tools to HELP your creative efforts, not to replace you.

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