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A Powerful Trend on the Rise

Sometimes it isn’t just about the bits.

Sometimes content isn’t just content.

When color television came along, the b/w transmissions were still just as valuable content wise.


When the experience changes radically… the whole game changes.

High Definition video. The triumph of Blu-Ray. Apple TV 2.0.

Do you see the writing on the wall? I sure do.

Yes, you can still do your talking head videos with just your webcam and it’ll still convey a powerful message if you can. After all, Seesmic is making quite a few waves right now, with the likes of Deepak Chopra joining the conversation.

However… give it a few months, and the writing won’t just be on the wall… it’ll be on everyone’s flat screens.

When that happens, will YOUR content be available as a high quality HD channel?

Take a look at this fine specimen from DailyMotion’s fresh HD stash, and ponder on it for a moment.

PS. If yuo have a powerful computer, try the full screen mode on this video and see if you can find any artifacts! I couldn’t.

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