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Why obsess over an aggressive marketer making the rounds?

Some people really get overly sensitive seeing a marketer marketing their stuff aggressively.

You know, those Tai Lopez types who all of a sudden are EVERYWHERE in your feed, bombarding you on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and email to boot…

“Oh, I see their ads everywhere it’s so annoying, and their constantly making offers and asking for signups… ugh. Enough.”

Seriously, why should that be so surprising to begin with?
That a marketer wouldn’t market their pants off what they’ve got…

And if you see them constantly everywhere peddling their wares so to speak…
They are probably in a special customer acquisition phase.

It’s similar to an athlete in their intense muscle gaining phase, for instance.

You wouldn’t fault an athlete for doing so.
After all, it’s the bedrock of their whole performance once they get to a competition.

So why would you fault a marketer for doing that heavy lifting just because it’s in everybody’s plain view?

So give it a rest and actually take notes when you see somebody actively marketing like crazy…
Because they’ve got skin in the game obviously.

Until you do too… Break out that notebook. 😉

And also… the people complaining about aggressive marketers are often the same ones complaining why it’s so hard to get your product, your new business off the ground.

That the system is somehow stacked against you.

Well, if you look for obstacles, you’re going to find them.

And if you’re looking for massive lead generation and customer acquisition, you simply won’t worry about such things.

You simply make your SCHEME and rain fire all over your intended audience.

That’s what ‘aggressive’ and ‘attention seeking’ marketers do.

Why don’t you become one and see for yourself? Probably a lot more fun than finding fault in those who do. 😉

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