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Hire A Fake Superhero… Or The Real Thing?

I have to admit, this is pretty funny. What’s that you ask?

Why, the ‘real life superhero’ meme that seems to be sweeping the globe right now. Like this awesome guy who calls himself Phoenix Jones:

How about this proud specimen from my native Finland? Laser Skater. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I give you Laser Skater:

Of course all this begs the question: WHY? Did do some guys get all amped up and act this way? Is it just Kick Ass to be blamed?

Silly, admirable or just downright dangerous – you be the judge.

Why do I even bring this up, you ask?

It’s because it’s this very same attitude that routinely gets people in trouble in the online business. Trying to survive in the business jungle by becoming the superhero themselves, or sometimes even worse – by hiring someone posing as one.

Well-meaning and all I’m sure, but in the end you just end up with a bloody nose like Phoenix Jones there.

If you need real results in your online business, hire people who know what they’re doing. People who know what to do even when the going gets rough or when the game gets dirty. Then you won’t have to doubt yourself, second guess or fumble in the dark. Just enjoy the ride – and the results.

So do light up that Bat Signal and call on your favorite hero. End of story. 🙂

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