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It’s time for another impromptu podcast, as I get comfortable and get in the habit again, so to speak.

This one’s about clearing about some misconceptions about goal setting and achieving, and particularly about the mechanics of achievement.

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Blue Sky Growing a Tree Branch in the Garden of Success
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I’m one for organics in everything: food, search engine traffic, goal achievement… so that’s how I’m going to approach this topic as well.

Here’s how it breaks down:

1. Inception – hee hee, yes if you saw the movie then good for you. Then you know exactly how organically a worthy thought must grow. It’s like planting a seed that contains all the basic information about the plant that is to be grown. So you go and list everything that’s needed and put it in the ground, trusting that it grows.

2. Sprouting – this feels exactly as it sounds. The newly planted thought starts to germinate, and it starts to talk to you. Yes, as weird as it may sound that’s exactly what happens. This is when you take notes about what it wants you to do.

3. Growing – this is not just sunshine and watering the plant, but also typically physical action based on the notes that you took in the previous phase. Keep in mind though, there are different types of action, and you should only act when you get that nudge to do so.

4. Blossoming – you know what you’re doing by now, and start seeing and feeling the evidence of a fully grown manifestation. At this stage, you should feel a familiar vibe emerging, one that you set while planting the seed thought. That tells you it’s worked and keeps working right!

5. Picking up the fruit – this is the ultimate end result, and there’s nothing ambiguous about it. If everything went right, you’re holding the fruit in your hand, figuratively speaking. And it may even feel like you did nothing… and in a way you didn’t – nature did all the heavy lifting if you left it alone to do its part!

There’s little possibility for anything to go wrong when you’re not forcing anything. That’s what these mechanics are showing, whatever process you may be using on the surface. Give it a shot and you’ll find how true that is.

Alright, thanks for tuning in, and come back often for more Practical Wisdom podcasts!

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