Allow me to get philosophical on your ass for a minute.

It’s this newfangled Conversion thing everyone’s up in arms about.

EVERYONE is talking about CONVERSION now.

Even if their own ‘thing’ has little to do with it, it’s a convenient buzzword that gets the attention just now.

So I understand, believe me. I live by it, in my world.

And yet, I feel a LOT of people have a very limited idea of what Conversion really means.

Here we go, strap yourself in.

Conversion is NOT just about A/B testing. That’s like tweaking your posture looking in the mirror, while you’re already halfway through running a marathon.

Conversion begins when you pre-frame yourself and your company to the world. Make sure you win before you even start.

Conversion starts in earnest when you first enter the market via advertising or publicity (adwords, Facebook, press releases).

Conversion heats up when you have great flows of prospects coming to you. (capturing leads, converting a few to sales, trials, etc. )

Conversion hits it big when you start making offers to your existing customers. You know, those who are supposed to be the most intimate with you.

Conversion is everywhere in your life and in your business.

The only question is, are you going about it eyes closed or eyes open?

Let us gently open our eyes to the Power of Conversion.

It’s what turns the mediocre into the excellent.

Conversion is the difference between KNOWING about something, and actually HAVING it.

It’s what makes Life GOOD instead of just ho-hum.

Conversion is alchemy; it’s taking the existing elements and using a magical process to make something better out of it. Turning lead and copper into Gold.

Are you getting it? Are you seeing the promised land yet?

I TOLD you I was going to philosophical on your ass. 🙂

Now let me leave you with this: CONVERSION is what happens when you take raw materials and refine them into something supreme.

Be it in business, in relationships, online, offline… doesn’t matter.

So you got something good going for you? Great, now let’s do something to CONVERT it to something even better. Let’s go for Conversion right from the start. 

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