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The Phantom of Writer’s Block: What It Really Is…

I LOVE to research. I LOVE to write. I LOVE to style and deliver the final piece.

But I LOATHE… to start writing. That’s my cryptonite. And so it is for many writers out there who THINK they have writer’s block.

I lot of people think they’re blocked but they just haven’t STARTED.

crushed paper - writer's block - crumpled paper with unfocused background

I know this may sound odd or even unprofessional to some, but here goes: I just finished a copywriting job that took me DAYS to start writing. Still, after all these years of writing and countless projects. That’s AFTER I finished doing the research for it.

I could rationalise and say I let the material percolate in my head and come up with just the right angles and hooks and whatnot… And would be partly right, by the way.

But a lot of it is simply a strange aversion to doing what I love. Like I said, Weird.

But that’s how a LOT of copywriters and other ‘creative’ professionals are. I’ve talked to a LOT of them and almost every single one who’s any good at what they do… experiences some variation of this odd affliction.

So don’t feel bad the next time this happens to YOU. Just find a way to silence that merry-go-round inside your head and put pen to paper. Just keep that pen moving. Just keep that keyboard clicking.

Just by doing that you will tease your creative braincells to come out of their hiding and do your bidding. Or the higher calling, as the case may be. But that’s a topic for another time…

Now, go write something! 🙂

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