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Deal Making Basics for Aspiring Copywriters

Hey there. Once in a while an aspiring freelance copywriter comes along and asks for advice: How to close some of those elusive, high paying, credibility boosting copywriting deals. Here’s my usual advice, condensed into four important basic points. 1. Never… EVER give a quote right off the bat! This is a rookie mistake… and […]

I double dare you...

What Level Is Your Online Business At, Bro?

Every single golf player knows how it feels to get this question hurled at you: Sooo… what’s your handicap? You instinctively either wince or you grin, depending on where you figure you’ll land in the social pecking order. This generates local status and all that… (you’ll know if you’ve read up on your Oren Klaff). The same happens […]

I double dare you...