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What’s Really a Lead… In the Real World?

What’s really a lead, in the world of business?

Is it someone who downloaded some free PDF guide from you?

Is it someone who’s damn near a decision to do business with you?

Well, WHY do you think it’s called a LEAD?

Because it’s supposed to eventually LEAD to something… a.k.a. the SALE.

That might not be the exact etymology of the word but just go with me on this one, dangit.

So how’s your lead generation strategy REALLY doing?

Are you proud of your growing list of tire-kicker leads, cluttering up your lists and raising your ESP (email service provider) costs…

Or do you have a real process in place, one that leads to actual sales?

One that takes your site visitors and funnels them through a carefully crafted process into a place where the best of them DEFINITELY will do business with you?

That’s a world of difference right there.

It may be fun to sometimes compare duck sizes – who’s got the biggest list and all that.

But in the end… it ALL comes down to performance, doesn’t it. 😉

Facebook advertising may be cheap today, but don’t let it have you chase dead-end leads. It’s boring, useless, and in the end costly.

Instead, target the five star leads.

Dean Jackson is fond of saying he considers every single lead a five star one until they prove him otherwise.

That’s a great position to approach your lead generation strategy.

No energy is lost, no effort is lost… just results, following a plan that works.

How’d you like to have that yourself?

A lead generation system that actually works hard to bring you actual business, actual sales by customers you actually want to deal with.

In my work as a copywriter and online business consultant, I ‘course correct’ lead generation systems – and customer acquisition systems – all the time.

If you’d like me to take a look at your online sales system, and analyze where and how to improve it profitable output, get in touch and I’ll see how I can help. 

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