So this thing comes up with my private clients every once in a while.

Well, more like clockwork.

Just a matter of time before it creeps up. 🙂

They press me and press me for whatever might be THE most powerful sales generating thing RIGHT NOW on the interwebs.

That ONE THING that makes everything in online business work like magic.

You know, the lure of ‘The One Thing’ that enables you to ignore everything else…

Which of course does NOT exist. 🙂

Anyway, knowing they’d rather not have me launch into another ‘copy isn’t just essential to the business, it IS the business’ type of schpiel…

Here’s what I’ve come up with instead:

The ‘Super Six’ Sales Boosters
On the Internet As We Know It

The Super Six of online sales boosters, as we know them…

Here we go!

#1 – Ample Presell Value

Difficult to explain, but super essential.

Presell value means that you’re not sending your hard earned traffic to an offer cold.

Instead, you’ve fed them a sufficient diet of nourishing articles, sumptuous videos, delicious social media… whatever you’re exceptional at and can do on a continuous basis.

So by the time they finally get to your offer… they not only remember why they got on your radar in the first place, but they’ve got their appetite very much whet for whatever you’re now dangling in front of them!

Examples of presell value could be the classic product launch sequence where you give a LOT of value packed into a short period of time, then follow up with a congruent offer.

Another classic example is the autoresponder email series, where you’re carefully increasing the temperature and eventually (or all along the sequence) start seeding the offers and making them.

Affiliate marketers know the importance of presell value the best, as they know you just cannot convert cold traffic straight to an offer.

Well, you can, but you’ll always make more money if you first show them a pre-sell page that warms them up for the eventual offer.

In short: warm up your leads, then send them to your offer with plenty of pre-sell value under their arm. 

#2 – “Tight” Sales Copy

And we’re not talking just any limp, soggy, barely getting out of bed kind of copy…

No sirree bob!

We’re going to need some TIGHT copy to make more sales, which means the following:

  • Following proven formulas, not ‘cute’ flavors of the moment
  • Direct, prospect awakening language, none of those endless, meandering ponderings that come up TOO easy
  • Clear expressions with no extraneous, wordy sentences thrown in ‘just because’
  • Persuasive, goal oriented phrasing
  • NO flab – each paragraph keeps the attention and moves the reader to the next

And so on.

This is the kind of stuff that’s easy to spot when it’s done well…

But to do it yourself, well, most people need to be educated first, and then apply it a TON.

It’s what ultimately what makes the difference, because this is the stuff that your prospects will read to themselves inside their heads.

Let that sink in as we move on to… 

#3 – Sales Oriented Video

Yes, marketers often say just adding video to your sales page increases sales.

They’re not wrong.

But it can’t be just ANY kind of video, although honestly almost anything helps if you don’t yet use video for sales.

However – if you want video to actually boost sales… it’ll need to be just as ‘tight’ as the rest of your marketing.

It needs to flow, it needs to take your prospect from strength to strength into the promised land.

So you’ll need an actual script for your video, whether the format you use is talking head, animation, VSL or what have you.

If you’re going to just ‘wing it’, thinking it’s just about stepping in front of the camera… well, prepare for a rude awakening.

Sales oriented video is a whole different animal, and there’s a reason why Agora and all of the big dogs of online publishing have all but switched over to the video sales letter.

The VSL combines many of the modalities needed to make that sale, we’ll cover those at another time.

#4 – Live Elements: Video Or Chat

Today, live elements save more online sales otherwise lost than anything!

Plus they can generate extra sales where there would have been none before.

  • Live elements can push in the fence sitters via personal involvement…
  • They can convince those who need a longer gestation period…
  • They can provide closer intimacy towards the seller, increasing trust…

…and so on, and on.

And let’s not forget people EXPECT live customer service today – even when their need for it may not be 100% urgent.

So if you want more sales, bigger average purchases, and more satisfied customers… add those live elements to your online business without delay!

#5 – Frequent On-Message Messaging (email, chatbot, etc.)

You’ve heard it before.

Recency – frequency – monetary value. 

All those matter in maximizing the value of a lead.

And out of those three, there’s ONE that is 100% under your active control.

Frequency – how often do you choose to approach your leads, nurture them into prospects, and eventually into paying customers.

Or do you just leave it up to ‘luck’ to have them find their own way to you, figure out what you offer, and convince themselves to buy?

There’s SO much you can do besides just running ads.

Once you’ve got that fresh and juicy lead on your list, pull out all the stops.

Woo them with your friendship.

Lure them with ‘secret’ content.

Wow them with your results.

Show them how others have trusted you befrore – and WHY.

Keep it going.

Because once you’ve got their attention, it would be a marketing SIN to lot that trail go cold.

If you don’t like the daily email thing, or you just can’t do frequent messaging yourself, why not automate it.

Bots have now come of age, so think through your prospect’s path to a customer, then document it, frame it, and finally…

Automate it! 

They won’t MIND… once you create a habit for them, they’ll be wanting more and more!

#6 – Core Identity Matching

This is something I actually spend a great deal of time with.

Because simply, it’s what makes the difference between run-of-the-mill marketing and…

…true-sounding, heartfelt, honest, authentic… marketing.

Truth & marketing, impossible to have those in the same sentence?

I don’t think so.

It’s that ol’ message-to-market-match thing in action.

Dive deep into your ideal customer’s psyche, don’t just create an artificial ‘avatar’.

Really relate to your customer, empathize with their problems and plight, role play them.

Then answer the question:

“As you now embody the customer, what would be the ideal solution you’re looking for… what would be your dream-come-true solution you’d gladly pay handsomely for?”

And there you go.

Empathize and you got them. And they’ll get you.

And then getting sales is no longer like squeezing water out of a rock… but more like gently squeezing nectar out of a peach. 🙂 Ok enough metaphors…

Whenever you’re faced with a plateau in your online business, just revisit the Super Six. See if there’s one of them you have yet to implement in your business, or one you can have a fresh take on. Or maybe one of these elements is slightly ‘off’, producing sub standard results. Either way, you’ll do well to keep the Super Six in mind in your ongoing quest for maximizing your online sales results.
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    awesome post I am facing several issues while selling a product on Amazon and on my personal site. Thanks for clearing them.

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    Such a great informative post. Really nice, Thank you for sharing this with us. Keep posting!

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    Good Blog. I implement all things into marketing

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