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CarCast – What a Successful Joint Venture Needs

Joint ventures are GREAT.

Awesome, in fact, is the word I’m grasping for.

JVs have been great to me over the years, and I can count a good deal of beans down to successful JVs.

So when I’m looking at a new one, there’s a few CORE things I’m looking at in the potential JV partner.

I mean there’s a TON involved… fitting each other’s schedules, figuring out audience overlap, upside for both parties, the technology needed to pull it off, branding issues… there’s just a ton.

But when it really comes down to it, a new JV partner is measured by their ability to COMMIT.

Sure, it’s fun to brainstorm and talk about ‘what might be’ and count your imaginary millions beforehand 😉 but in the end, when the gamesmanship stops… it’s about commitment.

Is this a GO or a NO GO?

If your JV partner definitely commits  one or several of these, then you could be on to something real:

  • Commit time
  • Commit effort
  • Commit money

I’ll explain it a bit more in this traditional CarCast format 🙂

Got a point of view to share?


Feathers all ruffled?

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