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New & Exciting Resources December 2015


Here’s again what was new and/or cool this month in my Delicious bookmark feed.

See if there’s something that tickles your fancy, and leave me a note if you found something great!

Take the best tools and let the sparks fly...
Take the best tools and let the sparks fly…

Marketing Tools & Resources

Ever Webinar – automated webinars finally come of age!

Trycast – super easy service for podcasting newcomers

Stock Up – moar free stock photos, moar… 9000+ in total

Snip.ly – don’t just share links and content on social media… share your call-to-action at the same time!

Datapine – dashboards… we all need them but hate to build them…

Email template design – responsive email template design… service, for when you really need that one notch better design for your emails

Party Excuses when you need a timely excuse to party… or… to send out a promotion

Marketing News

Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List. Pretty self-explanatory…

Black Friday results – where and what consumers actually shopped this time around

Hack The Entrepreneur – highly recommended for anyone considering to become an entrepreneur, or even those who have long been one

Micro content excellence: Apple Watch explained in 13 short videos, 15 seconds each (takes just 3min15s to watch them all for a great lesson)

E-Commerce Related

New trend in e-commerce: in-car delivery – Volvo enabling delivery of goods straight into your car’s trunk. Pretty cool!

ActiveWoo – combine the power of woo commerce and the best, or at least most serviceable, email marketing and automation platform out there right now

FotoFuze – Need those super professional looking product photos for your e-commerce site, you know, the kind with a true white background? FotoFuze does this for you.

Gear & Misc Tech

Sandisk wireless connect stick – don’t bother wondering which way to stick in – don’t stick it in at all?

VHX – launch your own streaming video service! The streaming space is heating up once again…

Smartblock – an instant, removable, compact meeting place for your office

Lifestyle & Fun

The Bulletproof Cookbook! Some new biohacking goodness coming your way right here…

The classic leather tie. I say yes.

Madre Labs Cafe Ceps Instant organic, healthy coffee the easy way…

Floating House – want something different for your leisure? how about a floating house

That’s it for this time. Happy holidays and all that!

See you in 2016!

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    Dear Sir
    thanks for ur wonderful list

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