Soooo… What’s the quickest way to make some money online?

Like all internet entrepreneurs with any modicum of success, I get asked this a lot.

Twice today already, and it’s just 10:30. πŸ™‚

So here’s my answer.

The quickest way to make money online… there’s two actually, so take your pick:

  1. Spend some money advertising a proven product that sells well. Clickbank Marketplace is full of them, and the successful ones are pretty easy to spot.
  2. Create a product quickly and have affiliates sell it for you. Interview an expert, have someone interview yourself, license an offline product, and so on.

Which option you decide to do, depends on which you’re willing to do in exchange for the quick money: spend some money to get more money, or spend some time and energy to get money in return.

Simple, right?

Creative Commons License photo credit: faungg

In either case, you come up with three things:

  • A product – in option #1 it’s already there, you just select the best one for your campaign, in option #2 you create one out of thin air (it’s much easier than you’d think, though).
  • A web page – a quick landing page in the case of option #1 (here’s a great template for creating one) or a sales page in the case of option #2 (here’s a quick way to get effective sales letter templates for that)
  • A way to get people to the web page -with option #1 you’ll be buying pay-per-click traffic from Google, Yahoo or MSN, and with option #2 your affiliates will bring it to you without any out-of-pocket cost.

That’s about it, when you think about it. It CAN be done in a day, two, maybe three days.

It all depends on how motivated you are. If your question is about making money quick online, perhaps you are motivated. πŸ˜‰


If you want a system that lays it all out for you, here’s two that will do that for you:

OPTION 1: Commission Blueprint from Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey (there’s umpteen more that could be recommended, but you just gotta go with one that’s proven to work).

OPTION 2: My own Effortless Freedom Online home study course is built on the very premise of creating a product quickly, and getting other people to promote it for you (outlines 10 ways to create a product lightning fast, and the exact process to find relevant JV partners for You + much more).

So there it is. To make money quick online, there’s two paths you can take.

Whichever suits your personality, go with that one and never look back. πŸ™‚

PS. Oh, I forgot: Neither of these approaches work in a speculative fashion. They don’t work unless you actually do them. I’m not trying to be a smartass, but seriously, so many of these things work when you just do them and stop looking for shortcuts. Over’n’out. πŸ™‚
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