Shadow Palmed Macao Beach

Creative Commons License photo credit: puroticorico

Have you noticed how marketers use paradise imagery to lure you to buy their products?

Beach vacations, beach lifestyle, paradise imagery of all kinds.

Beach Millions, anyone?

But have you ever thought why that is… why is it that the thought of a private island paradise is SO alluring, so universally held as the thing to aspire to?

Apart from biblical references and such, of course…

Well here’s a different thought about this.

Have you noticed how all-encompassing the experience of being at some paradise type location is, sensorily speaking?

You know, all senses covered and all elements as well:

  • The gorgeous, blazing sun representing the fire element
  • The blue transparent waters representing the water element
  • The sand under your feet representing the earth element
  • The cool sea breeze blowing, representing the wind element
  • The open sea and the landscape around you representing the space element

So you walk on the beach, take in the sun, have the waves touch your feet, the cool breeze going through your hair, feeling the vast open space around you… and if you’re lucky, you get a glimpse of what’s beyond the elements. Where all elements come from.


This is the REAL reason why people go on exotic retreats – to experience unity with all the elements!

They are all present there in abundance and this fact is not lost on us, subconsciously.

All spiritual experience is a gateway through one or more element to what lies beyond.

So in short, a beach getaway is in fact a gateway drug. 🙂 In a very, very positive way, of course…

But really, a good honest paradise experience is GOOD FOR THE SOUL.

Never be ashamed for wanting the best, for wanting a taste of the paradise.

It’s the right instinct.

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