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The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Internet Marketers

Howdy marketing mad hatters!

It’s time to revisit the fundamentals, my friend.

Because as all mothers know, no matter how much exotic seasoning and clever cooking techniques you use, if the ingredients aren’t all there, and preferably 100% pure… the aftertaste is going to be a bummer.

So let’s hit the motherload of all internet marketing wisdom out there.

Here’s a list you can’t go wrong with!


Should you use this landing page template or that one? Is the advice from guru X better than from guru Y? Could this possibly work, or will it bomb?

Stop guessing, and do what the best of the best do – test everything!

Despite popular belief, testing something doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re doing. It just means you care about RESULTS more than you care about image.

So wear the testing maniac’s mark proudly on your sleeve.


It may sound simple, but choosing your market FIRST really IS paramount.

It doesn’t matter how great your product is, doesn’t matter how well you market it, it doesn’t even matter if you get it on Oprah.

If you don’t have access to an audience of rabid buyers, you might as well not waste your time. Do nothing until you have a market identified, and a way to access them. Period.


Now that you’ve got your market pinned down, and have access to them one way or another, what’s the smartest thing to do?

Well, simply ask them how you could best serve them! Send them a short survey with questions about their interests, their stickiest problems, and what would most help them.

Then you know you’re on the right track.


Paraphrasing a certain fellow who’s on track to do$38+ million or so online this year:

“Great copy isn’t necessary to do well in this business. It’s ALL the business.”

Look at ANY big name internet marketer out there and you’ll find they’re long time direct response aficionados.

So whenever you next hear that copy doesn’t matter anymore, or that throwing up any kind of video is all it takes to sell in this market, any market… know this:

Copywriting is the art and science of selling anything to anyone, in ANY medium. This is as likely to change as the human brain’s wiring


Whether you’re in the information products business, selling as an affiliate, or in e-commerce, getting product out fast and regularly is a big boon to your bottom line.

So whenever you have that great big idea the next time, know that if you let it sit, someone else will nab that impulse in short order, and run with it. All the way to the bank.

And don’t forget – internet marketing is essentially a team sport. You should only do what you do BEST alone – and team up with other people doing THEIR best, to get your product out there.


The very best of internet marketers always take excellent care of their customers.

Why? Because they know that taking care of their customers simply makes them even more money.

That is because satisfied customers will buy more, buy higher priced products, and give you the least trouble.

So when you genuinely help your customers achieve their goals, and act more like a mentor to them than a seller of goods… they will stay with you longer, and reward you for it handsomely.


This may seem self-evident, and yet it is probably the biggest hurdle internet marketers face.

Having the TRUST in yourself to simply repeat whatever worked for you once. Do that again in the same exact fashion, or in another market, with a different product… but just repeat what works.

And take copious notes whenever something new works, FOR YOU.

Because no amount of mimicking what may work for others, let alone trying ever-new things that SHOULD have worked, is going to be as helpful as simply repeating what once worked for you.

Have the trust in yourself to do that again, and you’ll not only improve your results, but MULTIPLY them.

There you have it, folks!

The most important habits ANY internet marketer can get into, whether newcomer or experienced.

Whenever you feel you may have lost your way, just come back to this and you’ll get back on track in no time.


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