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The Persuasive Power of Personalization

I have a confession to make.

At 39 years of age, there are moments when I’m starting to feel really, REALLY old.

Those moments don’t come often, but when they do… hoo boy. 🙂

(Fortunately, the human mind keeps pushing the definition of ‘old’ at least 10 years ahead from where you are currently… but that’s a different story.)

So a little while ago, I got exposed to a 16 year old relative’s newest object of affection.

No, not her boyfriend, but a certain accessory.

An accessory that proves that while my days of thirty-something-dom are rather numbered, I can still relate to what the, uh, youngsters are going on about. (Gawd, did THAT sound old!)

Bucket Truck Personalized Petite Valentine's Day Gift Stickers
Creative Commons License photo credit: redstamp.com

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about the age-old marketing booster called PERSONALIZATION.

Direct response pros know all too well how much a little personalization goes a long way towards people opening envelopes, and reading those first few lines.

Email marketers know how much the clever (but not over-) use of the recipient’s name affects the open rates on email campaigns.

But it doesn’t end there. You can see evidence of this principle in the ‘real world’ as well, and proof that it works.

Now, we’re ready to go back to what I saw in my 16-year old relative’s wrist. Here it is:

nomination composable bracelet
The Composable Bracelet from Nomination.com

It was what they call a Composable Bracelet.

What that means is, teenage girls will be buying an empty bracelet for about 15 dollars.

Then they’ll be adding little pieces to it, at 15 dollars a piece – or more. Letters, symbols, trinkets… from a collection of thousands, sold by retailers across the globe.

When they’ve finally exhausted their creativity and their allowance…they will have spent somewhere between 150 to 250 dollars on that bracelet!

Would those teenagers ever have bought a bracelet for 250 dollars? No way.

But when it comes in little pieces, personalized to their exact liking, the price markup hidden in the small increments… they go crazy for it!

And when they’ve finished one, they see their friend has two, and before you know it, they’re wearing a thousand dollars on their wrists!

That’s persuasion for you!

And that’s teenagers, known to have the least buying power in a family. What could you offer that appeals to cash-carrying adults in your market, in your niche, in your location?

Think about that!

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