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New Resources You Ought To Know And Use – November 2015


Time for another quickie installment of resources I’ve come across lately, and couldn’t wait to share with you. They’re all very much worth your time, so you’re welcome. 😉

You need the right tools for the right job... in order to be effective in business.
You need the right tools for the right job… in order to be effective in the online business.

Marketing Stuff

eliminate bounce traffic from ending up on retargeting lists – more profitable remarketing!

LMS on WordPress – a simple alternative to paying monthly to host your courses

bypass the stock photo run-around

Cool & Useful Tech

Mcam – a great lens kit for the iPhone; macro & wide angle

Røde VideoMicro
Rode video micro, a new really small but quality mic for your vlogs and whatnot

Jupio Power Vault
Jupio power vault – my daily go-to for ongoing power on shoot days & more

Software & Apps

New writing software. in beta but promising already

Free split testing tool from Leadpages – coming up

New kid on the block: email marketing & automation for professional bloggers, podcasters, digital product creators, course creators, service providers, and more.

An alternative to Paypal for sending money (US only)

Capture Voice & Video Messages Directly on your Website

Dashboard for Stripe based online business…

Video marketing campaigns, made easy…

User onboarding teardowns on a regular basis, valuable insights…

PDF Expert 5
PDF Expert 5 – Fill forms, annotate PDFs, sign documents by Readdle (FREE at the time of writing)

Lifestyle & Fun

Maserati by Zegna
Maserati – meet zegna. zegna, meet maserati. the ultimate in Italian style…

Icon Warmer Jacket
A winter jacket with a… heating system! But of course! 😀

An awesome media server for streaming ALL your media, anywhere, any device…

Aaaaand there it is again. Enjoy!


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Comments to: New Resources You Ought To Know And Use – November 2015
  • January 10, 2016

    Hi Juho,
    I was knowing about some of these sources but thanks for the new sources.

  • January 10, 2016

    Cheers Robin, thanks for stopping by!

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