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Bleeding Edge Marketing To The Nth!

Hi dudes and dudettes…

If you’ve been following my escapades for some time, you’re probably familiar with the podcast that I do with my buddy Gideon Shalwick from Australia:

Web 2.0 Marketing Live

With our podcast nearing its one year anniversary, we kind of took stock of what we’d achieved so far.

We’ve covered TONS of rarely-to-never talked about topics on using various aspects of Web 2.0 to help marketers do their thing online, received loads of great feedack and grown a handsome audience that we love to talk to every Wednesday.

But then we realized something was missing: we wanted to hear people actually using these tactics and reporting tangible results with what we’ve been talking about, and that calls for a different approach.

We decided we wanted to take our listeners to the next logical level: Instead of telling our listeners how great these offbeat strategies are…

Actually SHOW them how to do it all, and

how to profit from it three ways to Sunday.

So to speak.

We’ll still keep doing the free podcast of course, but for those who really want the bleeding edge to profit before anyone else, we created a unique site that will open on Wednesday April 16, 2008:


It’s a membership site that will bring you the cutting edge strategies in marketing nobody talks about… except a year or so later when everyone knows them and the gurus start teaching them…

In other words, you get to…


The first video has been posted to the site today, with many many more to follow in the pipeline:

(Click through to site to see the final part of this video)

PS. The membership itself will be very affordable, nothing greedy or shady here. In fact, we’re working out a way for you to get it for free for life (sign up for full details)!

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