In the late 1990s, I was fully engaged in the throes of the working world. First real jobs, plenty of pressures, ambition and whatnot.

In those times, one of the best people I relied on to get the wisdom to continuously break through and make it, was none other than Brian Tracy.

He actually was quite the pioneer for online courses, one of the first I believe to offer online video courses that actually worked and was pretty good value for money. And real sales letters too, all the things we take for granted these days.

But I digress. My point is, that while I learned a TON from Brian Tracy, one of the most valuable concepts was how to constantly, daily, ALWAYS Eat The Frog.

Eat That Frog
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Meaning, at any time in your life, there are things that you KNOW you really should do in order to either avoid difficulty or to just keep progressing in good order.

We all know what those things are. To expand your business to Mexico, eat the frog and learn to speak fluent Spanish. To start shedding those pounds, which would mean wonders to your wellbeing and relationships probably as well, eat the frog and sign up for that gym membership.

To take your business to the next level, eat the frog and seek out a mentor who’s been where you are now. Make those cold calls. Swig some wheatgrass. You get the idea.

We all know those things and yet find ways around eating the frog every day. The minute I ate my first frog, my fortunes changed and my stress level went down considerably. It turned out the trepidation in most cases wasn’t even about the thing waiting to get done, but the expectation of it. Most of the time, those frogs taste pretty okay.

AND the aftertaste is superb. 😉

Anyway… I revisited this concept a few days ago as I listed some frogs I realized I had to eat if I was to move along where I wanted to go in my business and in life.

While I did this, and munched on the first one, I realized there’s something even more to this concept than I’d thought of before.

That’s what I call Eating the Frog in Reverse.

Doesn’t that sound even more repulsive than the original concept?! 😉

Fear not though, this is about to get even better!

Eating A Frog In Reverse – And Like It!

Now, the new spin to eating the frog is this.

We all have things we want to achieve – that dream car, dream home, dream job… and so on. And to get it, we know takes some remarkable action, new attitudes and whatnot.

So why we don’t do it, feeds into this same stream of excuses, modes of procrastination and so on. The emotional price seems just too high – even momentarily – to do this. And yet, the high performers and high achievers everywhere always learn a way around this.

The difference to eating the frog? It’s that your motivation is different – it’s no longer to do something that feels unpleasant, because you know you have to, or to avert a disaster.

You do it in order to reach for that higher goal; greater wealth, greater fame, greater health, a greater satisfaction in general.

So when you call another bank for a loan on that dream home, you eat the frog in reverse because you know it can only lead to something closer to your dream. You contact that superstar mentor because you know it can only get you closer to that dream business and income – or at the very least give you a tangible taste of it.

That, my friend, is how and why you eat the frog in reverse.

Doing something seemingly unpleasant in order to reach higher in life. I highly recommend it, I promise it makes the other frogs pale in comparison.

And with that…

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