Have you heard?

or should I say have you seen David Guetta live?

Yes, I’m talking about the French DJ and electronic music producer
whose songs you’ve probably heard ad nauseam but didn’t know it.

Anyway, out of the corner of my eye I caught one of his new remixes
on an old dance classic from nearly 20 years ago, “Satisfation” by Benny Benassi.

Who cares, right? Bear with me….

Now, the next thing I know there’s a thousand wannabe DJs
ripping this new remix to bits.

  “He just twists the knobs so what…”
“It doesn’t improve on the original in any way…”

  “What does he know, he sold out long ago…”

Well, Guetta makes about 37 Million dollars per year from
gigs and records alone so I guess he knows something!

Let me tell you what he CLEARLY does to get there though –
which is not so dissimilar to great copy and bullseye class marketing!

ALL of the choices he makes as he creates a new EDM show,
produces a new song, remixes an old tune…

…is driven by one thing, and one things only:


That’s right. He’s said that’s the main directive through every compressor
tweak, every instrument choice, how many beats per minute…

AND THEN – he goes out and tests it on a live audience.

Did it actually make people feel like they HAVE TO DANCE?

Then and ONLY then he puts on the finishes and makes the record.

Nothing about how “cool” it sounds, what’s trendy or whatever.

Okay that’s a long winded way of saying something every copywriter
and marketer should hold dear to their heart as they write:


* Every turn of phrase must pass this test to make it to final draft

* Every “cute” phrasing has to go if it doesn’t fit this directive

* Every paragraph has to contribute to the ultimate results, or it’s cut out

In other words, the intended reaction of the ultimate customer directs everything.

And if you can test it first before going big, all the better!

Truly, what once worked, works every dang time.
You can put THAT to the test.

Talk soon!


Juho Tunkelo
Direct Response Copywriter
Copy Chief & Marketing Mentor, Copywriting Academy Helsinki

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