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CopyCast #2: Is Copywriting Really Hard?

Hey there!

It’s time for CopyCast episode #2, titled:

Is Copywriting Really Hard?

Because you know… I just hear that ALL the time.

And in a way I have to admit it serves me as a copywriter because people know I’m doing something valuable for them that not many people can.

But the truth is… it’s not THAT hard. It’s not as hard as some would have you believe. And there is not one single path that will get you there either. I’m not going to tell you my path is the only correct one and then hit you with a big home study course. Not today, anyway. 🙂

There are two different, major ways to arrive at the skill required to do copywriting on a very high skill level. And I’m going to cover those in this episode, including a bit about my own story, how I got started in copywriting.

Alright, I hope you like this one, and leave me a comment below!

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