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There are two things people ask me on a regular basis:

  1. When are you going to start another podcast after you shut down Web 2.0 Marketing Live?
  2. Give me usable copywriting tips on how to do X, Y and Z…

So to answer both questions, I’m starting a 30-day podcasting experiment.

The CopyCast Daily will touch on straight copywriting, lesser known marketing tactics, lessons learned in the trenches, and undoubtedly some futuristic marketing stuff as well.

The first episode is out today, and it’s called:


And that’s not teenspeak, mind you. 😉 It’s about the rules by which one starts building a relationship with one’s audience, eventually leading to a customer relationship. As you’ll come to find, it’s not very different from real life relationships, as it happens.

Among the powerful relationship building principles discussed in today’s brief episode:

  • Heart to heart marketing for long-term relationship building (as opposed to the intellect or ‘sex appeal’)
  • Show your willingness to do things for them (essential for trust)
  • Show you’re willing to make their life easier (being the partner)
  • Give them rare experiences (fulfill their dreams on some level)
  • Openness creates openness (you need to do something before they’ll open their wallets)
  • Do it yourself first, show you’re in it together (essential for bonding to happen)
  • Make a promise only to keep it (sounds easy but just as easily broken)
  • Show them you’re not a taker (who wants to be around one, right?)
  • Show them you’re willing to let them go (harder than it might seem)

That’s it for today’s topics. I don’t really have a plan for what happens next or what I’m going to be talking about, but rest assured it will be unusually interesting and nothing if not effective.

If you’d like me to cover something specific, be it different types of ads, copywriting tips for video, whatever else you may be struggling with, drop my a note in the comments section.

Press play in the player below to listen, or drop the blog feed into iTunes and catch every upcoming episode there.

Talk soon!

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