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Let’s get into something way overdue – and nothing if not exciting…

Some two years ago I released a report called ‘The iPhone Opportunity’ in limited release – just before the first iPhone came out.

If you read that report, you got the first taste of what it will be like to make money with mobile phones.

And in those two years since, a LOT has happened in this area.

In fact, the time has finally come for small-time publishers to get in on the game.

It’s no longer the stronghold of mobile operators, handset makers or other big players.

The video below will make it all clear to you.

At the very least open your eyes to WHY Mobile Marketing is not only the way of the future.

It shows you why it’s a 100% reality even today.

So if you have moments where the cookie-cutter online marketing methods copied a thousand times over don’t quite hold your interest… you know where to look!

Mobile marketing in action – 1000% increase in conversion (true story!)

Now, to be honest I’ve been a bit lazy getting content like this out there.

That’s despite the fact that I’ve been involved with mobile technologies, marketing and yes even payments for over ten years now.

But that’s changing starting today – look out for more amazing content along these lines.

All for one purpose: to open your eyes to easier and easier ways to make money as an independent publisher or marketer.


As I said I’ve been a bit lazy pulling together content in this area.

In the mean time, there’s one guy who has also not only figured out how to make money with mobile marketing…

…he also created an inexpensive product to teach you exactly how to do what he’s doing.

He’s created a course called “Cell Phone Cash” coaching course, giving you a flying start into the amazing world of Mobile Marketing.

So go and check it out before he realizes how crazy he is putting this out there in this day and age…

(I guarantee you he’ll have copycat competitors in no time at all.)

That’s it for today, lots more coming up in the near future so keep your eyes open!
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