Well this one’s going to be one for the history books for sure…

New useful links, tools, articles, resources… all right smack dab in the middle of the coronavirus craziness that surely goes into the history books for a whole variety of reasons.

Without further ado, here we go:


Wavve – shares your audio clips easily on social media, rather useflu indeed

Lately – AI driven social media content generation

CallPage – an insanely cool “call me now” type of plugin for your sales oriented web site


SmartMike+ – a portable clip-on mic for your ad-hoc needs… of which we all have a bunch these days

Krisp – noise cancelling / background muting for all those calls… super useful for all those endless ZOOM/Skype conferences!

Around – for less intrusive video calls… man, this looks good. no more video taking up all of your desktop

Final Cut Pro – FREE for a full 90 days… Apple goes the distance. And why not

Open Broadcaster Software – well, simply essentials now that everyone’s streaming something


Lifestyle – clean water tech with a Christian twist but don’t let that bother you

Portable Movie Projector – Oh man, I’ve dreamed of something like this for years.. just ordered one. 🙂

How Much Toilet Paper – 😀

The Inflatable Armchair – for when you want to sit around…. literally.

Good Reading

Staying Positive in Tough Times – a free book for… well, everyone.

Productivity & Misc.

Blondie Bakes gift cards – buying gift cards from small businesses has become not only popular but a necessity.. here’s a friend’s shop, support them if you feel the pull (plus it’s damn good stuff)

Billy Gene Is Marketing “take all my courses” offer – like many, Gene offered a motherload of his courses for a pittance, in support of struggling entrepreneurs everywhere

Mural – remote collaboration software, one of many similar, in intense use this month…

That’s it! This month’s crop was not quite as plentiful but hey, I’m getting back into the habit. As the world turns…

Enjoy the free tips, and I’ll see you seen in another installment!

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