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Leading With Your Head… Or Your Heart?

You know how some of the oldest wisdom traditions in the world define ‘Enlightenment’?

Is it ‘a state of utter, perpetual amazement at life’?

Is it ‘a state where all borders collapse within and without, and Unity between all reveals itself’?

Well, that may be all true especially momentarily… but then what?

When you’re done feeling great and getting kind of used to it, what’s the practical point of it all?

Here’s a definition of Enlightenment that I particularly like, and hold to be very practical as well:

“The perfect joining together and balance of, mind and spirit, head and heart, rationality and emotion.”

In other words, a balanced way of looking at the world, without the ego messing about with it.

Let’s see what happens otherwise:

If you lead with your head only, you overlook important emotional impulses that you have to wait to reach the intellect before you can react.

Very limited, obviously.

If you lead with your heart only, you overlook important practical and momentary information and postpone acting on it due to being engrossed in the heart.

Obviously, also a subpar situation.

But what if you had both in equal measure?

If you lead with head and heart intertwined in balanced and equal measure, they become one and you will have the benefit of Complete Vision.

No longer will you have to compromise between being detail-oriented and exact, versus being a ‘people person’ with a strong emotional impact. You CAN have both.

And no longer will you have to risk being perceived as either ‘heartless jerk’ or ‘hapless hippie’. 😉

Such leaders do exist in the world today. Maybe not in great numbers, but they do exist. And most importantly, it’s possible to become one.

The first step is to admit that you need both head and heart to be a leader in the 21st Century and beyond…

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Comments to: Leading With Your Head… Or Your Heart?
  • June 19, 2013

    Enlightened people are both happy and loving the desire of being enlighten is to break your journey in life to smaller steps one must love in order to become happy sounds simple and strange but yet love is the important aspect in life start with acceptance of your journey towards life, accept the way you are being aware with be aware with every critics in your life and accept the truth then you learn to accept other people being aware with other peoples thoughts and opinions and believe in them be enlighten with what other peoples do and the rest will follow.

  • June 21, 2013

    great article.
    i appreciate your work, well explained
    thanks for sharing this.

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