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How to Use Social Feeds for Productivity


I did a quick video for you, showing you how you can use the RSS feeds present in almost all social media platforms and services, to make better use of them (social mining, I call it).

Also you’ll save tons of time when you don’t have to constantly log in to different services.

So press play and see how you can save a ton of time and quickly find out what’s really going on in your social networks!

Some of the things you can do with this:

  • See at a glance what’s going on in your Dropbox; who’s uploaded what, deleted, etc. – very useful for teams.
  • Have a one-look process to your Facebook usage (see all of the day’s notifications once) and act on the ones that matter
  • Follow up on your blogs’ comment feeds – know when you need to log in and respond.
  • Get a birds-eye view into your LinkedIn network’s activity – otherwise you’d never catch all the updates that matter (see new connections)
  • See an automated feed of Instagram or Flickr images for the tags that interest you

And much, much more.

It’s only limited by your own imagination and the services you actively use.

Today you can pretty much generate an RSS newsfeed out of any service online. And use services such as Zapier or IFTTT to pass them along, Yahoo Pipes to customize them, etc.

Try it. Get a Feedbin account or similar, and get to work! You’ll love it.

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