Hi there.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but…

Copywriters are a notoriously cranky bunch. Let’s say…

Dan Kennedy, the master crouch who refuses to use a mobile phone.

Drayton Bird, the scotch-drenched, snarling British master.

Harlan Kilstein… oh, just google him.

They’re all edgy, cranky doods.

Know why that is? I know exactly why:

It’s the long-term effect of living on the cutting edge of having the massive pressure of producing breakthrough marketing on demand… time and time again.

It sort of cuts off ALL of the fluff and leaves you with ‘must-produce-marketing’.

It can also leave you terminally cranky, no doubt about it!

I’ve certainly found myself in that state a few times before picking myself up again. 🙂

But Here’s The Point You Weren’t Expecting… Optimism!

You’d never know it from the outside, but all great copywriters are great optimists.

They have to be. In a way.

Optimism is needed in copywriting to see the angles... not to create some untrue hype.
Optimism is needed in copywriting to see the angles… not to create some irrational hype.

Because when you’re shoved into an entirely new environment, a new business, a new product, maybe even entirely unproven in some cases…

You HAVE to put on your rose-colored glasses for a while to find the hidden gems.

And those gems… they’re ALWAYS missed by the product owner.

Yes, YOUR good self included! 🙂

When you’ve been ‘in the grind’ of your business for a while, it’s easy to get a bit cynical and go:

Well, we’re just doing our thing, nothing all that special about it.

Now don’t get me wrong…

Down-To-Earth Is Good – But You Still Need Optimism!

…EVEN outrageous optimism, to find the angles to actually sell your product.

You need to see it in the most positive light, without going overboard, hypey or untrue.

To simplify rather wildly but accurately:

Copywriting is about accentuating the positive, and downplaying the negative.

It’s still about telling the TRUTH, but in a way that serves both the seller and the buyer.

(Of course, if the product is no good, it’s back to the drawing board – even the best copy is wasted on a poor offering…)

So whether you write your own copy or hire someone, what I want you to remember is:

“ALWAYS start with optimism about your product, your market, and yourself as the seller.
That way you’ll INEVITABLY stumble on the selling points you need to make the sale.”

Can I get an ‘amen’? 😉



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