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One Product, One Chance, One Time

Heythere Friend!

Consider the consequences of looking away VERY carefully.

Because you’re looking at the most valuable bonus package available anywhere for Gideon Shalwick’s Rapid Video Blogging product.

( If you don’t have the foggiest what I’m talking about, click here: )

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How do I know my bonus is definitely THE BEST of ALL around? It’s pretty simple:

I’ve been there every step of the way as Gideon developed his method, and created his course. I doubt there’s ANYONE out there who knows more about it and could help you better to make it work for you.

In short, Your Ultimate Bonus package will contain:

1. An exclusive, private video series on How to Create a Winning Sales Video Converting Like Crazy – Even From Cold Traffic! Look – if there’s ANYTHING that could make Gideon’s course even MORE complete, it’s this rare know-how about how exactly to structure your videos so they turn viewers into buyers.

I’ve done this for both my clients and myself for years, and have some explosive findings to report, and precise instructions to impart! Don’t miss this rare exposition on the ultimate sales machines in 2010 – video sales letters.
(A real $297 value – will be sold separately as an information product)

2. A full copy critique of your web site recorded on video. My clients regularly tell me the copy critiques and web site analysis they get from me is the best way they get to learn about and benefit from what works in copy and in online conversion.

This is an insightful critique that includes practical suggestions for improvement in copy, visual persuasion and other matters to do with conversion. These simple recommendations can lift the sales and efficiency of your web site as much as 10-50%, in some cases as much as 575%! (A real $497 value)

3. A 25-minute phone call with me, helping you implement Rapid Video Blogging to your topic, situation and business without a hitch. I have already sat through all 125 videos  in the system, so you know I know exactly how to help you use the product to your full benefit.

I’m one of the handful of people in the WORLD who has seen Gideon’s Rapid Video Blogging system from the inside. And not just seen the course content, but actually seen him go from homerun to homerun in wildly different markets online.

So if you secretly crave doing this the Lazy Way, I invite you to cheerfully take advantage of me and have me guide you through the system, and point you in the right direction should you need anything special.

Why is this important? Of course, you don’t HAVE to have this call with me. But if you’d like me to ensure you adapt the RVB system to your topic easily, and make money with it right from the get-go. Just as you saw in Gideon’s video #1 – Why Video Trumps Everything Else – release one video, two days later, $250 in recurring monthly income. Rinse, and repeat! (A real $700 dollar value – my hourly consultation rate is $1500 and up)

That’s a combined $1494 in Real, Honest-to-God Value for you.

How’s that for a 1-2-3 punch in your earning power! 🙂

Plus — cherry on top: a Full Advance Review of the Rapid Video Blogging course itself, to help make your decision. Because I’ve personally seen the course take shape for months now, you can rest assured this will be the most comprehensive and honest review available!

Here’s how you can get this FULL VALUE BONUS package:

  1. Join the Rapid Video Blogging course using my affiliate link (click here).
  2. Email me your receipt to confirm purchase and give your contact details ( juho (at) effortlessenterprises.com ) – or leave a quick comment here
  3. Await for my email with full information on claiming your bonus!

Juho at private island getaway
Looking out for your best interests!

Juho Tunkelo
Your Lifestyle Enabler

PS. Remember – this offer will stand for seven (7) days only. When Gideon closes the offer, this bonus goes away as well. I happen to know there will be NO backdoors available to get in later so make sure you act promptly! You can figure out later whether you want to keep the product. If you make the purchase, you will get to keep my bonus package anyway!

PPS. If you haven’t yet checked out Gideon’s rave-reviewed FREE report on Rapid Video Blogging and the other free informative resources and videos on the subject, click on this to get to up to date:

Click Here To Download Your Free Copy Of Rapid Video Blogging

PPPS. Yes, I am affiliated with the producer of the product I’m endorsing. That goes without saying. So if you decide to buy from my affiliate link, I will get paid a fee as a result.

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