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There’s Nothing More Powerful…

… than an idea whose time has come!

I’m sure you’ve heard that saying before.

In these times of ongoing global change, it’s more true than ever.

And one of the things I’ve noticed cropping up more and more… is frankly, the overarching theme I’ve been talking about for YEARS! That’s right, it’s the concept and reality of…


It all began (well, in public anyway) with a powerful little ebook called:


The Lazy Way to Success by Fred Gratzon

My brother Eero and I took it to market online and created quite a frenzy around it… (Eero is still directly involved with the Lazy Way business, you should check it out).

I started a newsletter around it called the Effortless Success Newsletter (there’s a new one coming out today so now’s a good time to subscribe!)

Before long, we started seeing other entrants to this arena of do less, achieve more… after all, it’s a universal phenomenon and not someone’s personal property…

  • Then there’s the new course from Jack Canfield called… surprise surprise: Effortless Success!

But the point is, again… there’s NOTHING more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

Clearly, Effortless Success is clearly one such idea.

It appears the world is ready to embrace a life spent with less strain and more achievement.

Are You?

So why not join my newsletter, where I follow the current trends in the Effortless Lifestyle and espouse the essential philosophy of what makes success, well, effortless:

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Marko Pyhäjärvi - 12 years ago

I heard about the Four Hour Workweek first from Yaro Starak few months ago. Now it was also mentioned in Jari’s Pollitasta.Com blog. People seem to like it a lot, so I decided to order as well. Price is really small.

Effortless Success Revisited :The World According to Juho - 11 years ago

[…] You know I couldn’t possibly pass by an opportunity to talk up even more Effortless Success. […]


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