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The 7 Cornerstones Of An Effortless Lifestyle


I tend to get questions every now and then, that basically all boils down to this one question:

So what IS this Effortless Lifestyle thing you keep going on about, anyway…?

So I decided to sit down and make a video about it.

It came in just under 15 minutes, and I’m pretty sure you’ll love what’s in it.

Go ahead and watch it now:

To recap, here are the 7 key principles of an Effortless Lifestyle:

  1. Uncouple work and pay (money)
  2. Focus on maximum value delivery
  3. Create a life, not just a career
  4. Leverage your networks
  5. Always stay sharp
  6. Repeat what works
  7. Be yourself only

Result: only the greatest rewards and fulfillment in life…

So enjoy… and comment below if you have any questions or whatever. I’ll be happy to explain more. 🙂

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