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Valuable Resources I Found Lately

Here’s what was important in my link collection in March 2014.


So Helpful – helps your fans book a time with you

VideoLEAN – use ready-made templates and clips to create function-driven video

InVodo – another video platform for e-commerce etc.

EasyExpire – create expiring links easily

UnSplash – COMPLETELY free-to-use hi-res images, for any purpose at all (commercial included)

VWO for Magento – an extension for doing A/B testing using Visual Website Optimizer (my tool of choice) on Magento e-commerce sites

Flowplayer Drive – the good old Flowplayer just added cloud storage!

Swivl – helps capture a presentation on the fly

Supermetrics Chrome extension – Supermetrics comes to your Google Drive. Super. Brilliant.

YAST.COM – easy time tracking for freelancers, etc.

Wuala – like Dropbox but actually secure. Encryption etc. included.

Viral headlines. You know what I’m talking about. But can you learn from them?

Slugline – like Markdown for screenwriting. Not your usual Final Draft approach, but pretty cool.

SearchMan – great tool for App Store SEO and more.

Mirriad – in-video advertising. Keep an eye on this one, going to be big.

There you go, enjoy and spread the good word!

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